Radio Times Ambridge Diary Sep 8-13

If anything is going to act as a trigger for Emma, then it’s a litany of complaints from one of Beechwood’s new residents. So when she’s forced to listen to gripes from one of the homeowners at the parish council meeting, it might just be enough to tip her over the edge.
Jill is taking a trip down memory lane at Brookfield when she starts sorting out junk from the attic. But there’s consternation all round when David finds something that they all wish he hadn’t.
Finally, Jennifer gets a shock when she discovers that Lexi has moved into Ambridge Hall. And following a visit, Jennifer is more than a little narked that Lynda seems to know more about Lexi’s arrangements than she does.

Thanks to fleetingeileenm from ‘The Archers in Mustardland’


the pointy bit under the pipe, with a ring round it so you don’t hit it by accident. Go on, Emma! Will wimped out, but that doesn’t mean you have to!


By the way, people, after you’ve clicked on the ‘wrap up’ thread, does it unpin itself from the top?


I read from the “Latest” page:

and pinned items gradually drift down if not posted to again. But they’re easy to spot by looking down the list.

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I see, thanks. I expect a lot of people do that. So the wrap-up thread does not get bumped to the top with each update, then, does it? I suspected as much. Maybe I should start a new thread each time, not edit the old one. Or post to the thread that the OP has been updated. Hmm …


Um. The thing you posted earlier today was at the top when you posted it. I don’t know whether that was an old thread you updated or a new one.


It was a new one. I unpinned the old one and pinned the new one. The old one will be way down the list now, I suppose. I could only ever find it because it was pinned. (And sometimes it would annoyingly unpin itself after I’d edited it.)