Radio Times April 23-28

So, the glorious Matt Crawford - who should never have been dispensed with in the first place - has resurfaced and is giving Brian a sob story. Matt’s version of events is that he was so cut up by Lilian’s affair with his half-brother Paul that he just had to get away. With all the funds in their account, of course. Now, he’s claiming that he wants to repay what he took. But does Brian believe him?
David is keen to mend Brookfield’s damaged relationships with its neighbouring farms. He offers them compensation, but Tom is scornful and urges Tony to demand more. Plus Toby has reached the end of the road when it comes to his artisan gin production. This listener couldn’t be happier.
P.S. Nic is in the cast list, but not Matt.

This version is kindly provided by FleetingEileenM from Sue’s Mustardland and is verbatim.