Radio Times/Total TV Guide Jan 28-Feb 2

The Home Farm disaster fuels this weeks storylines.
Emma voices her opinion on behalf of the council, which causes ructions between Ed and Will. Are the writers short of ideas so decide to bring back the endless tedious war between the two? Will of course defends Brian, Ed doesn’t like it. It could be pistols at dawn again.
Adam is facing work problems but at home things are looking up on the rent a womb front as plans progress. One Aldridge though - surely Jennifer? - is in for hell of a shock when she learns the identity of the woman attached to the womb they are planning to use.
David dishes out the advice to Brian telling him to face the critics. But will that make things worse?
Susan worries for the future when Neil’s health gives cause for concern. Perhaps a bright idea might make her feel better?
Josh resents having to help out more now Pip is suddenly fragile because she’s pregnant. She’s not one of those women of old who worked in the fields til the day they gave birth, then!
Jill meets a ghost from the past. Is it the Philip Moss that’s in the cast? Course ghosts from someone’s past are sometimes so ghostly they don’t actually appear in the cast list!
Nic’s attempts to help out a friend backfires.
Roy gets a 40th birthday surprise from Lexi. Is that including the obligatory family tea? Or is that just for Archers?
And finally - to the surprise of no one I’m sure - Kenton puts his foot in it.

Thanks to Toffee from Peet’s


I picture her being inspired by a magazine article: “Getting Away With Stuff When You’re Up The Duff”.


That’s the one. Helen lent Pip her copy and its sequel: ‘The Joy of Being Fragile or How To Get Everyone To Do Everything For You and Still Say You’re Doing Too Much’.

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