Love’s not-so-young dream is back on again - for now, anyway, as Justin and Lilian are reunited and he is eager to get the wedding plans done.
But Lilian’s joy doesn’t last long when she is - predictably - drawn towards Matt again, in an evening of drama that brings near misses, a horrifying realisation and a shock proposal …
Worrying rumours about negligence at the vets continue to spread. Shula fears the worst when Latif hears about them, and by the end of the week she has more bad news.
Alistair is trying to look on the bright side, but with trying to organise the hunt ball and Anisha’s replacement causing problems, it’s all taking its toll.
Lily plays agony aunt and tells Pip to face up to her feelings about Toby, but when she takes her advice, she gets more than she expected!
Justin startles Tony with a request.
Emma and Robert clash over parish council business.
Adam is enjoying his bonding sessions with Henry, but in what is presumably going to be a comedy moment, he’s left with a problem to negotiate when Henry asks about the birds and the bees. Can’t wait to hear how to gets out of that one! Specially as bees and bees are more his speciality!
You can’t beat the old ‘shock waves’ to end with and Lynda this time provides them when she makes a decision that it is said will send shock waves through Ambridge! Not shake it to the core, though, presumably!

An amalgamation of two radio/TV guides paraphrased by Toffee from Peet’s


My money’s on a “surprise” proposal.


Yup! groan

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