It’s spooky halloween, and there’s plenty of scary stuff in The Archers this week, with the Hunt Ball ending up in horror and heartbreak for one particular guest. So much for the only scare being the bucking bronco!
It’s more of a damp squib for the rest of the Ball and Alice might live to regret an inappropriate comment.
Roy wants Lexi to move in with him at Willow Farm, but she’s more cautious and takes up residence at the Grey Gables staff quarters instead.
While David and Ruth are on holiday (missed badly by everyone listening, I’m sure…) and Pip takes control at Brookfield. She gets into a disagreement with Ed over the management of the herd and confides in Jill that she might have made a bad decision.
Jenny is worried Peggy is losing some of her joie de vivre when she starts giving some of her belongings away in the lead up to her birthday. Is she on the slow road to giving up on life, she worries?
Nolly bonds with her grandmother and Robert and Emma seem to have finally buried the hatchet - and not in each other!

An amalgamation of two radio/TV guides paraphrased by Toffee from Peet’s


Urgh. Unwelcome confirmation that the Bremain poster child and Meerkat Ambassador is indeed returning for the longer term.


Looks like it. What’s this horror and heartbreak at the hunt ball, do you reckon?


Four and twenty virgins
Came down from, er, Hollerton Junction…

(Kittimoor would scan better, but nobody’s heard of that even though it’s on the map.)


And by the end of the evening…?

I dunno, Janie. Do we even know who is going to the wretched thing apart from Shula, Alastair, an unnamed Bloody Mary stain, Freddy, Lily and Nolly*?

*I know. That’s why.

Four and twenty virgins
Came down from Lakey Hill
And when the ball was over
There were four and twenty still.


Me too, gone back to Nolly. Easier to type anyhow.

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