Beware listeners of a nervous disposition - it’s the week of the Flower and Produce Show and the tension is high. Jennifer is confident she’ll win, but her frangipane can’t better another prize-winning entry. With Cecil Jackson being terminally ill, Bert and Joe manage to self-sabotage their chances, allowing Cecil to win the Freda Fry Cup.
After all that, there’s further entertainment in Harrison being the butt of jokes of the Barrington cricket team, as Ambridge morale hits rock bottom. But will Harrison have the last laugh after the final game of the season?
Roy has fallen hard for Lexi and doesn’t want her to move back to Bulgaria.
Ruth worries that Pip is pushing herself too hard taking on too much extra work.
David is asked to break the law. Will he do it?
As Kate approaches 40 she’s on a mission to declutter her life.
Tom calls a staff meeting that dashes Susan and Clarrie’s hopes.
Ed is not happy after being overlooked.

Thanks to Toffee from Peet’s


She’s already managed to dispose of her children onto other people.

“I laughed until I stopped.” – Skegness Advertiser


Now if she could just manage to dispose of Lilian, Justin, Joe, Peggy, Jill, Oliver, Kenton, Jolene Helen, Henry, Gideon, Pat and Ruth

Harrison could nick her for multi-murder and get himself a promotion and out of the godforsaken village. :policeman:

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