Remarriage explanation

“Very interesting and too short discussion now on Newsnight BBC2 re the “over 60’s getting married” stats (apparently on the up!)
Well worth an iplayer (about 40 minutes in)
Virginia Ironside counselling against it (complications with grown up
children/wills/etc etc) and another person talking about the seeming
prevalence now of the silver spouse thing.
It seems more men than women marry again at that age - (there’s a thing, go figure!)”

Simple answer would be men are remarrying, women are not. If the woman is marrying for the first time and the man for the second, I see no problem with that.

And - sweeping generalisation ahoy - men of 60ish tend to marry down in age rather more than women of a similar vintage do. Wouldn’t have thought both those were too hard to figure out, but there you go.

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Yet again, I head the trend by marrying at 56 a few years back. Coolchaser in a cardi me.:older_woman::older_man:

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I’ll admit to never having owned a cardie: I prefer body-warmers, to avoid having extra sleeves getting caught in my wristwatch.

Do you find cardies comfortable?

Utter bliss. Can’t get enough of them.They do have to be “Nice” wool, or Cotton and Silk in Summer. Polyester etc. especially in shades of beige simply won’t do.


Don’t men remarry because they like being cared for/having a cook-housekeeper? Whilst women don’t because they’re buggered if they’re going to be the resident help.

Nothing would induce me to remarry short of multi-million lifestyle.