Right. That settles it


Ed’n’Em are being positioned as central characters, second only to The Clan, ‘Late Entries’ being merely ‘a cancellation’ under a false moustache.

And if they had half a bloody brain between them, why not enter the brute as Sergeant Pepper? Poppay-bless-'er-little-heart will hear the ‘Pepper’ bit and be quite satisfied. Does having a dead parent mean no one can say ‘no’ to you ever again, by the way? She’s going to end up a right brattish moppet if they aren’t careful.


Yes. Of course. And you would have to have a heart of stone to suggest otherwise. Poor Little Mite!




Excellent suggestion. Is there any way we can start a petition? How far in advance do they record?


Only if female. WR, Lily, Poppay - but not Freddy or Josh. And nobody says anything to Ruairí, Ben and Jamie.


About a week before deciding on the plot lines, I think.


Sadly, both Josh’s parents live yet. It’s not for want of wishing…

< worries she has missed a crucial point somewhere >


Doesn’t brain-dead count?

As for Johnny, “To lose one parent, Mr Phillips, may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness.”

Three must be borderline criminal negligence.