Scenes we didn't hear in tonight's episode


David: oh, hullo Ruaridh.

Ruaridh: [pseudo-Irish gobbledigook[

David: What’s that? Ben’s stuck in a ditch? Under a cow? Good lad Ruaridh, extra dog biscuits tonight!

Ruaridh: Bhuf?


Sc.2 Pip -“But wgat about me ? I have a shoe with a hlle coming in the sole. You can’t possibly abandon me in this sityatuon just to go to Josh !!” (Simper, sniffle. Looks through fingers between sobs to see if she’s gained their attention).

Roof -Why, aye she’s right Dayveed man. What would that lead to in the long run ?"

David - “… but, but, but … Josh !!”

Pip & Roof together - “Aye man. Josh …”

Roof - “… thats J … o … s … h … . Your son. This is Peep, your daughter. The one you have wet dreams about”.

David - “I … I … I … … oh, fair play. Stuff him. Can I buy you 10 more pairs of shoes Pip ?”


It was Ben, Armers, who was brief!y surrounded by water. But I do take your point.


Ooops. Well, I hadn’t listened … that might have helped. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


I never listen to the blessed thing, but I have a Helpful Fish who does. Best of both worlds, really.