Script recycling, part 1


Well, it’s always going to be part 1, isn’t it…

We had the say “random compliments” Lenten nonsense not so long ago, didn’t we? IIRC Jim ended up being accused of inappropriate behaviour towards Vicki Vile.

Incidentally, I am being informed that

Your topic is similar to…
Well, good for Ruth

The Archers
Apr '17 - Words I had not thought to say. But I am very glad someone has got round to telling Pip what a worm she is.

I wonder how much they paid for the algorithm?


£3 17s 9d I believe, including Purchase Tax.

It was a while ago.


What’s that in groats?


71.75 groats


Remind me not to let you calculate my wages… :wink:

A groat was worth fourpence* (in England and Ireland, anyway), so I make it 233¼

*And still is, it seems. They’re used for Maundy Money


Tax mate, … & PHI.



That sort of rate is closer to RHI…


It looks as though they let you out, Joe… :wink:



Yes Joe what did they say to you?


It was nothing urgent1, just a routine referral. Gave me noo sockses, told me to watch the weight, get more exercise and come back for a scan and follow-up consultation2. It should be OK–I was sent for a Doppler scan when I was hospital and nothing untoward showed up, so unless there’s been a change (or they missed something last time)…

1Just as well, really, since it was booked in November
2Equally not urgent, presumably, because that won’t be until May


Well the messages are encouraging even if the frequency/timeliness of consultations is pretty poor. This is good.

Now we can focus on getting Twellers fit to be sprung.
(Just been reading a corona virus panic thread elseboard which has made me exceedingly cross. Sadly there does not yet seem to be a virus which has a high mortality rate specifically among blithering idiots.)


A regret I have declared many, many times.

It would make existing so much more simple.


And it would let them of us as needs it have the medics all to ourselves

Greedy old bag here


Soooooo many benefits.

One of the (many) delights in reading Bill Bryson’s early-life autobiography ‘The Life & Times of the Thunderbolt Kid’ was that the said Thunderbolts were from his childhood self’s superhero. He believed himself to be an alien, on Earth accidentally.

He had to power to send a death-ray thunderbolt on those who crossed him … & there were many.

Similarly my Death Stare has worked wonders over the years … as gave my James Bondesque rockets fitted to both the front & rear of my cars. These have frequently dealt with dilly-dalliers in my path.


Well, the non-blithering-idiot medics.


My most recent referral, made in November, is going to happen in April. The previous six-months-later appointment, made in November 2018, happened in November 2019. I think the only reason I am being seen so quickly this time is that it is a referral to a different department, and the new one is trying to impress the previous one with how great they are.

I am fairly certain that my seeing the cadiology lads and lasses about my thyroid is going to be a waste of their and my time, but I expect that their not having the slightest idea what they are supposed to be doing apart from telling me several untruths for which they are unable to show me data of any kind won’t make them any more unhappy than they are at the moment.


Just do your best, eh? ;- )


There’s SPAS-1 (Subhuman Political Ambition Syndrome), but that, alas, merely hastens departure from real life


I offer this wording from a BBC article for your diversion and delight.

Mers […] regularly makes the jump from the dromedary camel’. A sort of viral equivalent of Peter O’Toole, perhaps.


Here’s the car makers’ market analysis of SUV buyers:

Who has been buying SUVs since automakers turned them into family vehicles? They tend to be people who are insecure and vain. They are frequently nervous about their marriages and uncomfortable about parenthood. They often lack confidence in their driving skills. Above all, they are apt to be self-centered and self-absorbed, with little interest in their neighbors or communities.