So, as they run out of episodes…

…does anyone else get the sense of some panicky attempts to draw together some of the loose ends?

  • Firstly, was there any hint that Emma’s Dream Home MkII was going to be another caravan (OK - mobile home, but you know what I mean) this time on the Grundy’s doorstep? And has Oliver been consulted?

  • Is Gavin getting scripts abandoned when the Ed/Tim SL was unaccountably dropped? (See also: Paul / Rob)

I presume the new remote recording system is making the process rather slower than anticipated, hence the archive episodes for the next few weeks. There have been rather a lot of phone calls in the last few episodes, so I’m guessing these are scenes that were recorded post lockdown?


You are thinking about this far more analytically than I am.
I was musing more on how easy Emmur’s gaff would be to torch. Particularly if one doused Kee-ruh in accelerant before lobbing her in.


Well, it’s that or concentrate on the actual words coming out of the speakers - and that way madness* lies…

In fairness, a far more fruitful subject to contemplate. Take heart! The Ambridge Arsonist is still at large somewhere, and has form for mobile structures and Grange Farm outbuildings

*OK, madderness then


The episodes up to today were recorded more than six weeks ago, and at that point they didn’t really know what was going to happen or for how long it was going to go on; if they’d known what they were doing they could have done a considerably better job. (They could start any improvement by dropping Liz John, who apparently neither knows nor cares anything at all about the programme or its characters.)

Yes, let us hope for the Ambridge Arsonist, the fall-back for every editorial team when things are not melo enough.