…so, please help out this deaf, aged listener!


…I was listening to tonight’s swill, and it seemed to these old ears that the conversation between mAlice and FagAsh, was very badly produced or the act(or)(ress) playing the part of TheCacklyOne was mumbling her lines, or perhaps the sound engineer hadn’t a clue about micing voices! What do those listeners with perfect hearing think? The unintelligible (to me) stuff occurred @ 03:55->04:00, but I had no problem with mAlice’s vocal-fry just before FagAsh’s mumbling! …or mAdam’s HissyFit with TheKaledonianKlown right at THE END!


Is “micing” making them sound like Mickey Mouse?


Nah, that’s taking the Mickey, surely?


“Micing” is how the Queen operates a computer.