So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


That’s what I am assuming. Though darkest linseed might tie in with the baby barnacles.


Just tried washing floor with beer. It won’t be the Next Big Thing, but might come in handy when they turn off the gravity.
Mired in gloom/self-pity. And beery residue. Please send Pitchers/captive bolt, according to personal taste.


Hair I know about; floors not so much.


I tried washing the bedroom carpet with red wine a few months ago (yes I do sometimes drink wine in bed. So…?). That was not a success either.

Me too, it must be catching. Wanna share a pitcher? No, on second thoughts, one each?


If its gravity were lower, the beer would be a bit less sticky.

(Sympathetic tseep.)


I imagine feeding the current hair beer would be most imprudent: it would probably start eating combs. And pillows. And chasing rabbits.

Oh, very definitely. Sorry about your gloom, me dear. The Pitcher that Cheers and Mightily Inebriates is the boy for me. And as for its temperance cousin, I think Father Jack speaks for us all: “Feck off, cup!”


So, it’s w#rking for you, Gus?

I am very sorry for gloominations, both. Really.

Our forecast for today was set fair - very fair. Our actual weather has been the usual light-heavy rain. This morning, yer shepherd’s granddaughter bee declared that it would rain and it did. It’s not rocket science, apparently.

Soo xx


Er, no. It’s meteorology.

I’ve just eaten some lovely seabass with caper butter. And baby potatoes with more butter. (I like butter.) It was all yum.


I was thinking about the propulsive devices that get the satellites up there (she said vaguely), TFM. Honestly, our forecasts are so off beam that I wonder about the technology behind them.

Your supper sounds right up my street. We had bean and veg fajitas, which were okay. Tomorrow will be baked cod, roasted fennel and potatoes and steamed broccoli. Butter may be involved :wink:

Soo xx


And the Clever Clogs Parking Challenge award goes to …


What time should I arrive?

Meanwhile, I have been bending my head trying to think of an ‘-ology’ word for rocket science. I feel sure there is one but my brain won’t oblige (nothing new there then).


Akontiology? Not perfect but serviceable


I’m afraid that’s gone over my head.

Oh! Like a rocket would!



After eating the delicious ham-chicken-onion-mushroom Gloop with red wine, on onion-rice, Hedgers and I put our bowls down for the DDD to lick.

She did the whole lick off the pattern thing with Hedgers’ bowl, and then proceeded to ignore mine.

I am definitely feeling hurt.


'Tis based on the (possibly misremembered) word for javelin. Nah. As I said, imperfect. All this and nipping a catfight in the bud as well… They both looked well sheepish, like young teens Caught Out


Oh wibble. Poor Fishy. Possibly DDD felt she was full. Or she might be messing wiv yer 'ed because she can


I am going to take my offendedness to bed. That’ll larn her! no more rope-play tonight…


Sleep well,dere Fishy.I am sure DDD meant no harm or insult.


She is ¾ collie and likes things in her life, including us, to be Orderly.


You’ve met us.


Having known Collies from my early years, I can confirm that they like their flock to behave in an orderly fashion. The only Collie that my Grandfather would allow into their home (Meg) was allowed to sleep by the range, but never permitted to lick bowls - tsk. Maybe Granny’s reason was to avoid competitive Dog-enticing, but I suspect she had other reasons. Can’t ask her, now.

Anyhoo, it’s time for bed. Good nights, Cellarites.

Soo xx