So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


How’s yer head, Twellsy?
Soo xx


Dunno guv, nobody saw me there either.


Ed ake under control of poppy juice

Thank you wee bee

How’s yours?

Does the lavender help at all?

I am convinced it does - even if it doesn’t at least it acts as a nice air freshener

I have had comments from Insultants about how my corner of a ward always smells nice


Is the bee running a café ?


That belongs to one of my many cousins, Armers. Posh cakes and everything. Those who visit our hive are offered tea or coffee and (yesterday) a Rington’s Caramel Wafer - supplied by Auntie Joan.

Twellsy, I am glad that the 'edake is being kept at bay. I doubt that mine is quite so severe. Lavendar does help and thank you for sharing.

Soo xx


Can’t help feeling that Brussels has been somewhat tainted by the presence of so many politicians…


I know that I shouldn’t ‘like’ this, joe. But, in my own weird way, I do.
Soo xx


Here is That Poodle, looking most displeased with the state of her Master’s study (or at the lateness of her evening meal).

I can tell she really hates the colour of the walls (inherited).

The Expanse calls.

Soo xx


Someone who clearly doesn’t check her values at reception…



Am looking forward to seeing her

And The Fishly-Dunnocks, of course



Yon Poodle is channelling me, Soo, albeit with better 'urr.


She obviously has more nous, joe.

That Hound is, obviously, watching The Expanse Hedgers and is channelling her Hedgers’ ability to spot tosh. (Don’t tell her that I enjoyed it.)

How goeth the hair, Gus? And, where? Maybe a trim? Mine’s shoite, mind you. I haven’t been to the shearer for months.

Soo xx


I enjoyed the first two books, but after that I got so hacked off with Holden that I probably shan’t read book 4. Not at all caught up with the series.


Holden is a bit wooden and lacking in direction/suggestible in all of this, Hedgers. I certainly wouldn’t read the books after watching the tv series. Only do this as escapism from the rubbish elsewhere, to be honest.

Tomorrow, we’ll be taking a couple of friends (and another) out for a Turkish meal to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. They have never, knowingly, eaten Turkish food, but are keen to give it a go. I, already, know what I shall order. Predictable bee, me.

Soo xx


I am in love with the hound

If a hound sitter is ever needed

I am a well trained slave
Or if the Poodle :poodle: runs out of willing slaves

Have broomstick 🧹 will travel


I can only speak about the Poodle, Twellsy, but I know that you would fall in love with her. She is very strong, though, and needs steady hands and feet to control her on walkies. Mr Bee does this sort of thing and I do all of the nice stuff. We’ll not be seeing her until early September. Meep.

Good nights, Cellarites.

Soo xx


Closing down now, Darlings

See you all tomorrow, in England





to be getting on wiv.


DDD leaves tomorrow, and I may not see her for another three years once she has left the country, unless I go to her. Ay mi.