So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


That seems to have come around quickly, Fishers. You’ll miss her ‘something terrible’.

Safe travels wished for Carinthia - although she’ll be hereabouts before she’ll read this.

Soo xx


I will leave a loaf of fresh bread for our chatelaine

Ulster fries in chafing dishes folk


I’ll have a grateful nibble at that.

It’s pouring down and cool. Never mind - I have a new raincoat to sport and a yummy Turkish meal to enjoy.

Soo xx


It’s drying up here so I will be smoking a chicken and serving it with salad for a friend who is coming to dinner and admire of the terrace

She has yet to see the transformation


We thought the Hound had left for three years last time. I’ve lost track, o Fish: how long has she been with us?

I have found myself surprisingly happy with this semi-scheduled guest.


Since 13th March, I believe. With a little break.


I will miss the pictures of the hound and accounts of her life


I will simply miss the hound.


Of course you will, Fishers. I hope (in the kindest way) that she doesn’t miss you as sorely. xx

Our meal out was great, once we got there. We’d decided to take one car to the nearest Metro station and take said transport to town. Waited for yonks in the pouring rain to cross the road to the station, to discover that the track was ‘closed’. Waited for ages etc. and drove the car to the next Metro Station and were informed that our next train would arrive in 20 mins.'Phoned the restaurant, advising them of our, now, late ETA and they were fine about it. Fab meal, once there - all but the driver had drinkies, too. Took the Metro back and it was taken out of service at the station before our destination. Alighted from the train and caught the next available. Wet and cold, on returning home we decided that only bubbly would help and it did. All in all a lovely afternoon, but I am very cross that our local transport services can be so carp.

Soo xx


I am glad the various vicissitudes didn’t combine, although they may have conspired, to spoil the day.


Well, we are generally a good-humoured lot, Fishers and we have lived through worse things. We discussed taking the car into town, but Newcastle United were playing at home, from 14.00 and, anyway, we do try to use public transport as much as possible. The meal and company were lovely and the comments from various Metro passengers were priceless. Geordie humour is quite off-beat and funny (to me), so that was a plus.

Armed with a glass of water, I’m off to watch telly.

Soo xx


Has Carinthia landed safely?
Soo xx


Yes, and eaten and drunk and been slightly merry.

Ittiz bedtime. I have to get up at silly o’clock, walk the DDD, take her to the vet for inoculations, and then deliver her to her Loved and Loving Owner to drive with him to Norway. Sudden Daughter is flying in to Heathrow, where he will collect her, in order to be his co-driver.

It’s all a bit dizzying.


So itizz.
Best dreams to all Cellarites.

Soo xx


Yes, Soo

I have

Lamb Shank wiv Garlic Mash & Buttered Carrots have been consumed,followed by Blackberry Crumble

Red Wine, & Champagne

Delicious ,all ovvit



[happy reminiscent erple]

[yawnity] tseep




And after her last long walk with me, and a visit to the vet for her inoculations and a worming pill, the DDD has left for Norway via Heathrow, Folkestone, Calais, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany (for the night), Denmark and an overnight ferry.

Oh, and Son and Sudden Daughter have gone too.


Final Dogphotos:

Orf in the Van wiv her Favourite Person In All the World:


She was a little dubious about the van, it has to be said. A seat in the abck had been turned round to make room for her bed, and she seemed a little unsure about the amount of Stuff piled round her.


Safe travels to the Hound