So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


A piece of grit flew out of the second photo. Blink, blink.

Safe travels to That Hound and all with her.

Soo xx


I would just like to say that, courtesy of The Gusly One,an hour ago I had an Hot Buttered Crust…

Courtesy of That Birdie, I am now drinking Beer



And we shall all drink champagne with the chicken-for-supper.


And Malbec (which was not in this phone keyboard’s dictionary, but is now). But not in that order.


I can see Raspberry Vodka on the Bar…

Just sayin’…



Have a lovely time with Good Friends, Carinthia, Gus, Fishers and Hedgers.

Tomorrow, I’ll be packing to visit North Northumberland, forra wee while. Armed with my new raincoat, I’ll be sure not to dissolve :slight_smile:

Goodnights, Cellarites,
Soo xx



Gin, Dahlink

I go home tomorrow afternoon



Served by Our Sparrer

It’s Bluddy Lovely !



Raspberry vodka on ice, that is.


I’m sure that Our Sparrer is also Bluddy Lovely.

Soo xxzz








Me gin

Now inside me.


Morning all

Bacon butties ready

Extra for a bar birding wee birdie


Prolly better have a



Never needed one more!

In typical Ryunfair fashion, we were called to the gate about an hour before the scheduled flight time, even though they knew that the plane wasn’t even close to landing, let alone ready for boarding. So we queued—completely pointlessly—in a severely overcrowded airport waiting for a plane that had only just left Dublin, so wasn’t home until nearly 2am—and had to get my legs rewrapped at 9.15…

This is what I believe is technically termed a bugger.


It is indeed a textbook example of buggerance.
How are the legs faring?


Oh Joe that sounds horrible


Annoying, more than anything else. The feckers knew full well that the planed only just left Dublin when they called us to the gate.

Still, the course was excellent—if a tad intensive! For them as may want techy stuff, this was what we built as one part of one afternoon’s work: