So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


I confess that I have no clue about the techy stuff, joe. Your poor legs, though…
I hope that The Hens have given you a rapturous reception.
Soo xx


< small awed and croggled voice > Urrrk.


absolutely no reason why you would—or should! FWIW, basically it’s a bunch of sound sources and filters—a very basic generalised synth. As configured in that pic, it was producing lots of stormy, windy noises.

The pins are OK, but suffering a bit from the rather over-long gap between dressing changes—ten days.

As for the chooks, I think the most accurate translation is “Oh, your back. Where are the sunflower seeds?” (I did buy some on the way back from the clinic!)


Happy sigh.
Soo xx


Done much with csound? (It’s more my sort of interface than that pointy-clicky stuff.)


Rather a lot! It’s what I started with—in fact I even wrote some introductory notes for it for a few composer pals. Max/MSP is actually very similar, in that you still have to think parametrically, albeit the routing between objects is more intuitive. I certainly felt more comfortable with the concepts underlying Max having a good grounding in Csound. SuperCollider is another good one - same sort of syntax as Csound, but more geared towards live coding.



Joe and the wee birdie are speaking in tongues


Tongues that make strange and arcane noises!


Gawds you two and yon Bull will be in heaven chatting fluent Linux/Unix…


And we will find something else to talk about.


A Good Ploy, Fishers.

It may say something about my age and stage that the first thing I thought about for my jollies was a small pack of ‘emergency oatcakes’ to be stowed in the car. Then, two pairs of boots - one for dirty and one for clean. Starting to worry about myself, now.

We had a power outage, this morning, but I think that the Airport was unaffected.

Soo xx


Won’t we just!

I have just been to the doctor and have a ninfection of the kist

So stair rods and bread mould agogo here


Pah. Bleedin’ bacteria, think they own the place. You givvem What For, Twellsy.


Pore Twellsy!
Aye, fight those little horrors off and get well.
Soo xx


I will try my best to be a good patient and let the pills work

I am not very good at being good though!


Well, just be a very bad host and kick those little buggas out, Twellsy. With a little help from your medicinal friends.
Soo xx


I second that. You want to be well for the weekend.


I will be

I have looked forward to this for aaaaages


And Flump

My lovely Stepdaughter drove up from Bude today & picked me up from the station at 5-45pm

Everything is organised, including encouraging Aunt’s Partner to book them in to the Hotel where the Reception will be held (!) She has a place in the Funeral Car, so she didn’t dare argue… :wink:

I have to speak to the Celebrant tomorrow afternoon - he is calling at Fambly Friend’s house between Services, & that’s everything done

I have eaten summat & am now going to Flump in me kaftan



It seems that all should be in place and as Good As It Can Be, Carinthia. Flumpage izza Good Thing. I wish you strength.

I very much hope that you are well for the weekend, Twellsy and that all other revellers will be full of vim and vigour. I’m not envious - not much - but I’m looking forward to reportage (allowing for some discretion, of course).

Soo xx