So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Flumping is good, nay, mandatory, dere Chatelaine. And after flumping, might you attempt a little sleep?

Forget ‘As she moves through the fair’, btw: you should see our dear Chatelaine as she sweeps through a station. Under an 'At.



Ooo-er… Termini beware!

I am signing off now and getting things ready to bed. There are still twelve things to pack, but all have to be done in the morning apart from three that have to be done upstairs and I am down, so upstairs is calling.

Goodnight all, and if I don’t come back, have a good week!


Please come back, Fishers. Upstairs is where the suitcase is yawning, so I’ll bee off to bed, soon.

Good nights, Cellarites,
Soo xx


“Upstairs apostles” is the way my mind went. Which were they?
Answers on a wafer, please, to anybody but me…


I’ll get me Best 'Normous Nat out tomorrow

Best Wishes to all those travelling tomorrow. I hope that there are Sufficient Stocks of Gin & Vodka in Dublin … Soo, yer Gin is packed inna discreet 6 Bottle Carrier. My suitcase is still in the hall - unlocked, but nothing done with it .

I am going to Decline on me Chaise before I take he last tablets & then go to bed



Sweep tight, dere.


It has come on to rain heavily here, which is a Good Thing, as whoever was playing with power tools has ceased and desisted. As I was contemplating Murder, this is probably just as well.

That Sparrer and That Fish being in transit, I’d better haul out the
Yardaaarm! for today


Bacon butties ready folk



6 of the ancient tiles in the bathroom at Carinthia Towers have made a bid for freedom, & fallen on the floor

1 is broken

Sigh & Soddit

I hope that the travellers are making good progress



Blast and Bugrit, Dahlink. Tiles is evil.



Buggrit dear chatelaine



Woke up to:

Apologies-16.45 Dublin Swift cancelled (weather)-you have been moved to the earlier 14.10 cruise ferry

So we are now hurtlin’ across not-quite-Wales-yet in hope of making it. Varied wevver, both heavy rain and light rain (sometimes both at once).

That Fish says “There’s wet, and then there’s wet”.


Buggrit, Dunnock

Tenters Hitched that you are on time

Safe Hurtling



Just passed Prestatyn.



We are On the Bateau.


…at which point a Gus would work on making it Ivre…

Hurrah! And Phew! That was some hurtling.


Orff to see the Funeral Director shortly, with the cards for the funeral flowers

Stepdaughter is then taking me to get my hair cut


Itizz 14deg here, & raining

In Carinthia itizz 21deg annabit cloudy




Made it to, and into, the hotel.

Bijou flump-ette.


Beer ? :beers:




(Also setting up the laptop for Fishly Access.)