So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Usernames are traditionally letters and numbers. Also here you don’t get to change 'em on a whim.

Hackney Wick pub report: it’s a bit too bleedin’ Hoxton for its own good. Decent beer though.

A goods train is passing very slowly. I could hop on as easy as that…

It’s just stopped!


I didn’t actually see that, but I believe it to have happened, yes.


Making some sort of seeded bread and spilling the seeds would do it, I should think.


Remember me if I don’t show up again.


What a thoroughly unhygienic and depraved suggestion, dere. You are going to fit right in ;- )

The poor fella could do himself a mischief, too.


An Gentle Reminder TFM

Crusts are Hot & Buttered, & I have first dibs… :wink:

Another Bottle? :champagne:

I had the Martyr Salad as an Starter, an hour before the steak , which was adorned wiv pepper & garlic before being fried, & salt after it was rested . I reduced an Imperial Dollop of Red Wine with the pan juices & poured it over



Don’t do it !



I’m only being biblical, what could be wrong with that?



I have first hand experience of Epic & Biblical rain this afternoon

If there were any justice atall, I would have shrunk

Azzit is, I am still the same size




I promise to remember that, but as half-loaves only have one crust you’ll have to be quick to get in before OH. (No innuendo please).



Have you seen my elbows ?

Not fergetting me 'Normous Nat …



Hello TFM

Are you a gin drinker?

If so I will advise is the wee birdie

It knows where to get decent gin


Styling yerself as Tourist or freight?


I have watched the first episode of ‘Samurai Jack’ and hope I’ll not be judged.
(Saw it all before, with DS.)
Soo xx


That is my sole function.

Try “slave”


Those Hens are way too bossy, joe. Granny knew how to deal wivvem.
Thinking about Granny’s Hens - none ovvem were retirees, rather fair game.

Soo xx


Absolutely! Jilly (the Manic Leghorn) has a serious sunflower seed habit


Hello again! How lovely to see old friends.

Ah! Gin drinker? Yes. Gin connoisseur? Far from it, I never know what to choose. In other words, an adviser is just what I need.

Tasting notes not required, just the bottle will do.


We’ll share nicely, TFM. Best dreams to you and all other Cellarites.
Soo xx


Ooer I didn’t mean I’d need the whole bottle. Just that I’d pass on the educational notes.

Best dreams to you too.


People who know their gin (not me, a very small amount of the stuff makes me ill) speak highly of Oliver Cromwell gin, from Aldi. Apparently it is up there with Hendricks, Sipsmiths and the like. It wins awards.