So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Or for joe and Twellies, Corley’s Gin.


I didn’t.

I am a Boring Old Bird.


Off to bed now and a very busy day tomorrow, visiting PoorOldMum and welcoming BestBrother here for a visit from foreign parts.

But I’ll be back. Sleep well, lovely people. xx


Dunnock, Dahlink

No You Aren’t


I am an Vodka Drinker, but have heard only good about the Aldi Gin

You are welcome here
Sleep Well too



Good luck to it all, TFM. See you when we see you


That Bird is safely gathered in, the DDD has been out for scombre, and ittiz bedtime. G’night all.


You’ve been holding up trains again? Thought they had A Word about that from the Bench, last time round. Tsk. Recidivism.

Oh and sleep well, Fishy and Dunnock.
< grinnity >


I still fink I could leap from the window as the train passes Chez Fishly Dunnock and fly home… it worked for Mad Jack’s briefcase.





Poppies have been taken


Pore Twellsy. Snuggle up with those leopards. When did you last have a nerve block?
Soo xx


It’s due in a fortnight

I was silly and I did the bbq yesterday

I am affected by the smell of white spirits and some paints

I think that high temperature paint is on the list now of things that make my ed ale


Ake not ale spill chucker!!!

Bluddy smarty pants phone


You do know you can edit, on this board? Click on the crayon and it gives you a box to edit in, just like the one where you write the post in the first place. Then save edit, and it’s as if there had never been the annoying little error…


Daft thing to do, Twellsy

Turps/White Spirits make me frow up , which is Nottan Good Look

Why on earth were you painting it, anyway ?



Yerrs dear fishy One

But phat phingers do not work well on smarty pants phone when the phone is driven by a half blind daft old bat!

If I try fancy things on my phone it metaphorically sticks two fingers up and blows raspberries at me

It rules the roost in its silicon brain

My brain ain’t up to training it…


Lightweight. Try taking more water wiv 'em.


Rushing in, late to the party … welcome, welcome, ThatFunnyMummy! Good to have you here. What about that Will? Let’s have some Archers chat over in that section.


Dear chatelaine

I painted the bbq to prolong its life as our climate eats steel and iron with great celerity

Even if it’s under cover

So I sanded it down to clean metal and painted it with fancy high heat tolerant paint to try and see off the weather for this year


Is it the salt which does forrit ?

Barbecues wot have to be left out in Carinthia get cleaned, wrapped in bubblewrap & then covered & tied innan waterproof cloth. They do with garden lamps/ornaments too



I was thinking about getting the grillwork for me barbecue replaced with a stainless steel set - but the local metal-bashing firm has shut down.