So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


I’ve not experienced this before, although I used to have fairly regular migraines of the other sort until I was precribed beta blockers. I’m not worried, just wanted to share, iyswim. Off out to Tesco, meh.

Soo xx


I hope you aren’t doing the driving, Soo.
I too used to get reasonably regular migraines and was very happy indeed when they stopped. I still get the ocular kind from time to time, but would not want to swap back ;- )


That is what I get, when I get a migraine something between ten and twenty times a year: no headache, just aura. It is generally both eyes, though it manifests first to either the right or the left of my field of vision as a disturbance of the air (as it were) like a heat-haze off a road. Then it expands until it has taken over the whole of the edge area to one quarter (top, bottom, left, right) with strange shiny cords like nothing more than those plaited-paper Christmas chains made by children, only in shimmery crystal rather than coloured paper. They don’t usually last more than half-an-hour, forty minutes at worst, and I can function while they are going on: walk, or even read a computer screen if I am careful. But I wouldn’t want to cook, or drive, or do anything requiring real concentration.

I hope that yours doesn’t recur, or if it does it’s as little of a nuisance to you as mine are to me. I know that when I mentioned the phenomenon at a convention, because I was afraid they might be a symptom of something more serious, about ten people during an evening told me they get them and not to worry… And none of them has died yet as far as I know.


I once did the shopping at Lidl with a migraine aura. It started as I was going in, and by the time I had paid and got back to the car it was completely gone.


I have been most fortunate never to have had a migraine of any sort

I do get feelings of ‘semi-detachment’ though, & wouldn’t be able to stand under the shower because of the closing of the eyes thang…



I don’t close my eyes in the shower. I did go to Tesco (Mr Bee drove, as always) but I stayed in the car as it is absolutely rammed with gifts for our local Women’s Refuge. Church did this instead of the Shoebox appeal, this year, and the response has been absolutely astonishing. Re the visual disturbance, I’ll check my BP this evening to be on the safe side. Just have a fuzzy head, now.

I hope that Twellsy’s breathing has eased…

Soo xx


An apology from 3Wells, she’s managed to “disconnect” herself from the cellar on her phone, and may not be reconnected until I get in to see her in the morning! (no, there’s no easy way of talking her through logging in another way, she does have the tablet but that’s even more difficult for her, we’ve tried).

Stay warm and dry (externally … “internal” wetness of a gin-like nature is of course quite permissible!), catch y’all tomorrow :slight_smile:


I am having a sausage sandwich for supper. There just miiiight be some chipolatas going begging…

< steps smartly aside >


Oooh! Yes please, I could just fancy a sausage.

Though I did already have an extremely good lunch. After visiting OMCB we treated ourselves at our favourite farm shop/cafe and I had a goats cheese (from their own goats) omelette (from their own eggs) and it was gorgeous. You know you’ve come to the right place when you order an omelette and the next thing you see is the chef nipping out to the garden with a pair of scissors, returning with a handful of herbs.


[flappity] [flappity] [flappity] [flappity][flappity][flappity]

Who was that masked sparrer?
I dunno, but it left this miniature…


Exchange is no robbery, Sparrer: thank you kindly.

As I had a sausage-sandwich-plus-a-half-sandwich-of-sausage, Dunnock and TFM have cleared me out. Dearie us.


I have cast off!

I have Done A Knitting. Yay me!

(Yes I know it took me forever, but still.)


Yay you, indeed , TFM

A Pitcher of wot you fancy

I have wielded my 'Lectric Screwdriver , but ammabit shaky now



You’d better share this pitcher with me then Carinthia, I’m sure another can be found when we’ve finished it.


AttaTFM! And are you pleased with the Noo Scarf?



I am pleased Gus, yes, and a photo may well be forthcoming when I have done my bit with the steam iron.

(Iron? What’s an iron?)

And I haven’t forgotten I owe it all to you. I’m really pleased you got me going again, so ta.


It’s you who did the knitting, me dear: I merely pointed out a rather pleasing wool that went well in a particular stitch. So, your next project? Knitting is good for either thinking or not-thinking, depending on mood, I find. A bit like meditation but with something concrete (well, sheep-based) to show for it and occasional unpicking :wink:


Ahem. We won’t dwell on the twenty-and-a-half rows of The Thing I had to take back because of a minor lapse of concentration, will we? Thank you.


Sorry Gus, I had gone off to bed with a book and a glass of wine.

Yes but without your input I would never have got round to it, given my recent descent into can’t-be-bothered-to-do-anything-much-at-all-ness. And it has done me good, being meditative as you say and also meaning that I’m doing something productive for once.

I had already bought some yarn for the next project, a noo sweater for myself. I think that’s why the last few inches of the scarf took me such a stupidly long time - I was kind of putting off finishing it because then I would have to start the new one, and until I start it it can remain in my imagination as the one I will complete perfectly and I won’t have started making a mess of it. If you see what I mean.


[yawnity] Tseep.

Even more blue today. Don’t they know it’s winter?