So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Not here it ain’t. It’s peeing down.


Hurrah! So it was a gateway scarf…

Oh yes. I do.


Grey & Hissing it down here




I heard a programme about Rudolph Nureyev on the World Service this morning and was reminded that at some point in my youth I saw him dance in The Rite of Spring – but I am blowed if I can remember when, or how I came to do this, or who I was with. It was certainly in his repertoire, and my memory is very distinct about being told he had done the choreography for it himself; I suspect this last bit must have been rubbish. Very disconcerting.


A confusion between Nureyev and Nijinsky? On the teller’s part, not yours, obviously.


Talking of things balletic (which isn’t at all my bag) when’s that Twellsy going to get herself reconnected, eh? We need Bulletins, we do.


Must have been. But that is not a mistake my father or brother, the most likely people to have taken me to it, would have made.


Hi honeys

I am now back

And my cardi is a few inches nearer finishing

I am using a gizmo on a rally freebie pen that is for touch screens and helps avoid phat phinger lockings of phones

Breathing a bit easier today and I am hoping to get a shower soon

The dear Bull is a genius

Ten seconds of his talking to it was all my phone was able to take before it stopped sulking and started working


The phone whisperer?


Plod takes a dim view of that kind of thing, I believe…


I knew I would get a rise out of someone if I said that!


I just think he is a marvel with any computer

I shudder to think of him and Feral going mad and taking over the world of IT security

Nobody would be able to chatter without biometric dna and several keys to get online


In an uncertain universe and at a time of political and social turmoil, don’t you find my predictability just a tad reassuring, dere Fishy?


Well, yes.

Another thing I am finding reassuring this morning is that the laws of nature have not been suspended just to do me dirt, and the mouth-ulcer has calmed down. And blood-pressure, pulse and temperature are within my normal range today instead of all being raised, which i hope means I am finally getting over this Thing. The two may be related, i suppose.


Oh hoorah, Fishy. That gives me a degree of confidence that it might, one day, Go Away. I wouldn’t mind, but I’ve had a headache solidly since last Friday…


Stoppit Gus

We adore your sunny disposition and particularly appreciate your humanitarian way of being
I have been fed a chicken Caesar salad and tea

Not allowed to shower so baby wipes and dry shampoo and a tooth brush with a cup of water

The clinic even has batteries for my toothbrush on the ward

Had I been in the plague pit it’s unlikely that I would have had a bed yet
The clinic seems to be working on the best way possible to get folks well and fast


Anna headache forra limpet izza Serious Matter.


It is, indeed. Where does a limpet put it?

As ever, my sympathies for ailing ones, although Fishers seems to be pulling through. Did your illness affect your BP, Fishers? That’s a bit horrible…Incidentally - I was reassuringly normotensive after my ocular wotsit.

Good to see you back, Twellsy.

Soo xx



And again!

Not hurrah. Wishing for an improvement for you too Gus. And just for you, here is a scarf. Far from perfick but I did done it myself.



Must do more of my own test bits of knittery…