So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


I’m lost, with this :wink:

No potatoes or butter pour moi, TFM. Mr Bee availed himself of both. Plus, he had a glass of red. Pfffffft

Soo xx


Sensible chap, Mr Bee.

Not that I mean to imply you are not sensible, she added hastily. I’m sure you have your reasons.


Maybe not clear depending on where you’re viewing it, but the ring surrounding the centre circle. If implemented physically it would be permanently jammed–there’d always be a point where two adjacent cogs would be trying to turn in the same direction.

Specifically (having counted them!) in this case there are 19. All even-numbered ones will turn one way, the odds, the opposite.With an odd number, the first and last are both odd, so will be jamming one another.


Numismatism Today: The Coin As Metaphor?


Oh, I see. I hadn’t thought of them as either having gearing on them, or being connected to each other.


Could be made to work if it’s seen as a plan view of a multi-level system, of course…


Nor had I. Once gears were mentioned I could see what was meant but until then I just saw a rather pointless pattern.


I am just listening to the complaints of a visitor to my roommate

She was describing the examination of her nose by a camera and apparently there is no pain like it

I feel like shaking her and giving her a list of the things that really really hurt

I have settled for wishing her really really bad periods with migraines added in


Trim the broken stems and put a skewer up them to get length back

Then wrap a wet paper kitchen towel at the end of the stem so that the flowers can take the water up

The skewer and paper will never be seen if you add greenery to the bouquets

I have won competitions with that trick


And as depicted it would remain pointless.



A ferret would do the job, right enough.
Soo xx


You could just put a skewer up her. Wivvout benefit of paper towel, or anaesthetic. You did take skewers with you, I trust.


Knitting needles would suffice.
Soo xx


Only if you have no respect whatever for your yarn, dere: but you wouldn’t understand.


Possibly not, Gus.
Soo xx


< winky wotsit > Gxx


Which is prolly fine if you are a Design Person, but I am an Engineering Person and it irks me.

The central nothing is meant to represent the Iron Age; the other rings are meant to be etched circuit boards, and DNA.

We’ll be back to the old reliable #2 weasel any moment.

Surely a proper knitting needle must be bathed in blood every new moon? If you’re not doing this, it might account for the difficulty.

Meanwhile I have bin out for the rubbish (recyclables night), wiv my my-word-that’s-bright head-torch, and saw our rowan tree in (literally) a noo light:


And the connections between those three things are obvious. Obviously.

Anyways, I think our coins are prettier. And need less interpretation:


I have a whole toolbox for knitting with me

Now shall I use a long thin needle or a not so long fat one?

Or both one up each nostril!

Honestly the woman came in yesterday at tea time and has had a constant parade of visitors and her phone never stops

She is only in for a 48 hour course of iv steroids

I would be upset if my friends were prancing in and out like that

Especially when they have snotty brats with them

I am bad enough without gerrrrrruuuuuuuuummmmmmms from sticky noisy snotty coffing brats seeing the Granny they saw yesterday and will see tomorrow!

What is it with some folks that they have to have the whole family in gawping at everyone who is near Granny?

And if I am asked one time more what I am doing when I have yarn and needles in hand and a pattern open with a notebook to make notes on beside me I WILL start sticking needles in brats


That’s called Occupational Therapy, Dahlink. The nurses will applaud your diligence.

Sympathies to you and several murrains on their wretched granny, their wretched parents and their snot-marinaded selves.