So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Nor do I as it happens. I s’pose what I really meant was, does your neighbourhood not have a milkman*. Must learn to write more clearly.

*But the Dunnock has answered that now. Though I’m still a bit puzzled, I find it difficult to imagine there not being a milkman to have if you wanted one…

Er, should I rephrase that?


The Carry Night by Vincent van Driver


As sort of promised … 3Wells’s peacock feather hat:



That’s lovely, Twellsy

Orff to see the Nurse & Pharmacist



It is. In fact, I want one.


< issues a Warning to peacocks to be vigilant while emphasising that the chances of anyone creeping up behind any particular individual with a pair of secateurs being vanishingly small. Don’t have nightmares >


Ooh, lovely, Armers!

Deal with cobwebs with this one simple trick: turn down the lights.

[hides secateurs behind back]
[innocent tseep]


Should I warn our milkman about folk wanting to commit larceny of his peacock fevvers?


A quick bit of search enginery suggests that I could have milk delivered if I wanted to, so you can put your mind at rest on that score. However, and this is the important bit, if anyone in this street were having regular deliveries I would know. Not because I take much of an interest in the doings of my neigbours, but because I would hear the ruddy float and normally I don’t, despite often being awake at an ungodly hour. So I think a ‘ghost float’ is the likely explanation - far more probable than that someone has just started to have milk delivered.

Probably, yes.


Did Ernie the fastest milkman in the west not end up rattling his ghostly gold tops in his crates?


Nice view from our room! Unfortunately the view from the rally results room we’ll be in for most of the weekend isn’t so nice, it’s deep in the bowels of the hotel …



Tee Hee I have the hardest job

Tasting the local beer


Perched on a barstool…


Bluddy well stay perched please, Twellsy


Lights Candle…



Is St Jude invockated?


St Jude must feel as though his head is coming orff…

I’ll have a word with him when I have had an Snoozette



[trebuchets a roll of extry-strong military gaffer tape, aka Black Nasty]


I am now parked at a table in the residents bar full of fillet spouse cooked rare



There’s not enuff on Mr Wells to serve him well done, is there ?


Have only been awake 20 minutes & we’re on cannibalism…