So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


I know what you mean, Fishy, but this one , the biggest & best, always seems to end on the first Sunday of Advent.



Guess what I have been doing? Squirting lots of brandy into Christmas cakes, that’s what. This time, none of them spat it back. Yes, I have induced dipsomania in innocent baked goods. Hurrah!

Oh, and without wanting to jinx things, I am feeling markedly better than of late.


Thank goodness fer that, Gus

Did you squirt some in yer mouth too?
It is Medicinal, after all.



I did not. Don’t much fancy brandy right now. A good G&T on the other hand…

G xxx


Coming up




Ooo is it gin o’clock?



Thank you, Darling.

It would appear so.


Happy sigh…



I need that clock!


I am going out to a Party, that’s what I am doing. I may be sometime.


I like the thought of a shoal of fishies happily quaffing together


How lovely, Fishy

Has the foot improved ?



Just been for a short walk in the dark to test noo Crocs. They coped well with soggy leaves, mud, and leaves on top of mud. Hurrah!


I think that their Black Friday Sale goes on until midnight tonight, Dunnock.

Free delivery too



Crossing my fingers as I type (also so as not to jinx things) that is good news. You have suffered long enough.


Safely back in the hive. Interesting weather on the way back - variously ice, freezing fog and heavy rain/sleet. Fab meal in Leith with good company, preceded by a rapturous welcome from That Poodle who entertained us greatly. She does make one feel good about oneself.

I’m very glad that you are feeling More The Thing, Gus. Hurrah!

Soo xx


Dr Martens have a Black Friday sale. I have looked. There is nothing I want.

I fear I may be sickening for something.


Noooo. That wouldn’t be good. Let’s hope it is merely that you have an elegant sufficiency of blummin’ gurt boots for the moment.


I don’t always wear blummin’ gurt boots you know.

I have two pairs of DM shoes as well. Mary Janeish wiv lovely big brass buckles.

But on the subject of blummin’ gurt boots , even I feel their latest offering may be a bit over the top…