So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?



I waited until the sale to get the rough-ground ones. Which they didn’t have in Bird size, so I went to HugeSouthAmericanRiver who had the same price.

But I now have, hmm, five pairs of the blessed things, and I think that is Enough.

(Slippers, normal pavement, old ones for the garden, rough-ground, and the sandals for maximum padding for trade shows.)

TFM, maybe yer supposed to hide a hip-flask in the hollow sole?


Mega Snork, Dunnock

I was merely trying to be helpful , not realising (Stoooopidly) that you had them for Every Occasion

Interestingly, I have had an Hemail from Shoetique today, with their latest offers…

Carinthia. xx


Crocs are a Noo Fing for me, Carinthia, and I do appreciate the suggestion. After all, all of mine are in black, and they do 'em in Lovely Colours…

But I am orf to me nest. G’night all.


Shiny ones?
Goodnight, Sparrer


The flyer they sent with the last lot included a lovely deep blue which isn’t on their web site, but they do have a “metallic” clog…

Not in Bird size, though.

The sky is still grey, but has some actual texture to it now, and the Grate Big Birds are chasing each other round the trees.



Afternoon all

We are home from the rally


I’m out for another walk, pausing to watch the magpies and crow keeping an eye on the more florid golfers.



There were more interesting things to look at anyway.

Got in just as the sun was sinking behind the other side of the valley.


Those are rather splendid, Sparrer. Shiny, even.


Wonderful Photies, Dunnock

I have been to the Christmas Tree exhibition at The Crooked Spire. More than 120 decorated trees on display -some of them Seriously Strange…

There is an Advent Procession there this evening, & all those who decorated a tree are invited,no doubt to clear them away afterwards… :wink:

In the spirit of hedging my bets, I lit 2 Candles…



In Other News:

Sossinges have been cooked

Steps smartly to one side, wivvan Pitcher



We (gasp) turned out to have no sossinges in the freezer and had to have a fry-up without them.


Get yer hot buttered crusts here…


But I did have Breakfast Beer (a fry-up is Breakfast, therefore…) so that’s all right.


Sharpens elbows



Plaintively holds out plate for hot buttered crusts with bacon

I am not feeling great - but a night of sleep should help


I wish you a good sleep, Twellsy and am sorry you feel unwell.

Good nights to all,

Soo xx


Gin, Dahlink

Am about to take me tablets



Hoping that both Twellsy and Carinthia feel OK tomorrow
G xxx

Me bread is quite denuded, crustally speaking.