So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?





Have we had yer Ma’s Christmas Fair yet?



We have, Darling. It was yesterday, and a Grate Success as these things go.


So pleased to hear that , Darling



If you need new Christmas lights, these could be just the thing…lights


Soo xx


I’m tempted myself, sums up the way I feel about Christmas very nicely.


Have an fuzzy hug, TFM xx

We went to a garden centre, yesterday, to buy something/wotevva with which to decorate the rather cavernous mill conversion we’ll be renting for Christmas. The GC has become yet another Dobbies (of which we now have three within spitting distance of the hive), all owned by Midlothian Capital Partners and Hattington Capital and all holding exactly the same boring and expensive tat. I didn’t see any of the excellent lights you reference.

Soo xx


It is really rather difficult to carry out even the simplest of DIY when your tools keep on disappearing …


(sorry about photo being incorrectly rotated, it was direct-from-phone - clearly the cat can confuse phones too!)


@EbonyBull, your belt sander (?) seems quite rusty - maybe some wire wool would brighten it up?

@ThatFunnyMummy, since our road has the occasional illuminated Christmas display, I quite fancy a stark white arrangement flashing BAH HUMBUG.



Belt sander? That’s a CAT! (and what he has in his mouth is a filling knife … it’s not rusty, that’s reflection, it’s actually brand new and never used (before now)).


At times, dere, that is a distinction without much of a difference.

See also ‘a sort of cross between a temple dancer and a bandsaw’.


Yon Bull does not appreciate a helpful Bengal boy


Just popped down to Port Erin for a few bits of shopping and waved to Twellsy and Joe while I was there…

(I know you’re further South than that but it’s the thought that counts.)


Oh, that is lovely! Thank you.

I am going out this evening and making macaroni tuna in about three minutes so it will be ready before I go. I’ll listen to TA in the car.


Don’t forget the custard!


Utterly ashamed of myself. Didn’t sleep well overnight but then proceeded to doze away the entire day (despite having 'orrible dreams while I was doing so). Chances of sleeping sanely tonight: slim to none. Frenzied activity at the moment, though - bins out, soup under construction, minor embroidery project begun (did you know that you can use your PC /laptop screen as a lightbox for traciing purposes? There are helpful white-screen videos on youtube and you just crank up the brightness to Sod the Planet levels).

Had I dozed for another three hours, though, I would have missed The Archers. what a mercy that I didn’t, eh?




Most definitely a mercy. If you miss The Archers then you also miss out on the perfect excuse for a Large Restorative Drink at 7.15, and that would be tragic.


Poor Gus

Do have an Medicinal



And severial hugs to both Gus Gus and our chatelaine

I have spent the evening knitting this blinkin’ scarf for my cardigan

Never again will I knit in 4ply on 3mm knitting needles