So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


But on the other hand, who would deny a starvin’, or even mildly peckish, Sparrer?

(The paprikás was good. But the Ma’s is soooo much better)


Feeling more mean, now.
Soo xx


Aw Buzzy Wee One, no Dunnocks or Tomorrer’s Lunches have been harmed.

The most distressing thing all evening - the blasted rain and just the one measly thunderclap aside - has been the absence of juniper, and we already know it was lovely without.

Muses. Hmmm. I have no juniper berries in either. Used to keep them. hmmmm.


I’m sure marinading in gin would do the job just as well.

And if there’s any left over you could marinade the food too.


I have.

Just have to find my catapult.


Mind the pigeons. Oh no, hang on, it improves them.


I have juniper berries

But my spice cupboards are rather extensive

We had a treat for dinner

British sparrer grass

With butter at a ratio of two parts butter to one part sparrer grass

A decadent treat for a Monday


I can buy some more tomorrow, as my shopping list includes it. I’ll have it (steamed) with poached eggs.

Otherwise; I like baked red cabbage with apple to accompany pork or gammon. Why am I so blurry hungry?

Off to bed. Good nights, Cellarites.

Soo xx


Soo dear wee bee :honeybee:

As a queen bee you need lots of food to function

It’s a hard job running a hive


So itizz. At times.
Soo zz


It’s the Bluddy Wevver, Soo

Heating on again here this evening

Still Hissing it down

DiL showed me their Noo bits of bathroom today - they previously had a very deep & long bath with a shower over, which was very difficult to climb out of if abit unsteady.
The Lad is having more surgery later this year, & can expect at least 3 months of very unsteady, so they have had the shower over the bath removed, anna Noo walk-in shower installed , which is glorious. Noo lavatory & sink with storage underneath finishes it orff beautifully.

She has gorn fer Mustard Yeller towels, which is her only lapse in taste so far… :wink:



Soo xxzzxxzz


Maybe go steady until after it’s cooked? I wouldn’t want you to burn yourself…


It is hammering it down here and has been for a couple of hours. As opposed to the mere pelting down in stairrods it did earlier tonight.
A young monsoon. Seriously, I cannot remember a downpour this fierce being sustained for so long. And only the one thunderclap and no good lightning at all.

Yrs, as the dirty waters rise around me grubby ankles


The inundation has stopped. Or paused, anyway.
Cat is out there, probably on mission bent azzit were. V quiet without the rain.


Not beaming bright?


grrr;- )
It stopped a while ago. Cat has gone out again and will likely dissolve from paws upward. I did warn him.


Nah, the Grate Insoluble is back. Birds are squawking their heads off and it is a grey and drippy, but not precipitating right now, dawn.
Good days to all.


Send wood. Send nails. Send saws, wood planes & hammers.

Dammit, send Ark’s.


Where there is water, there might be fish.

“There was a fish!”