So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Best wishes with Nat selections, Carinthia. I shall be, as you know, fixated upon these.
Soo (otb) zzzz


Gin, Dear Soo



I am just sending all love and many hugs to dear Carinthia

All I can do just now

I do worrit about you lot!


Don’t, Twellsy. I beileve that we are old enough to look after ourselves . Plenty room for you, too.
Soo xx


Ach Soo

Don’t we all worrit about friends?


Yes, so we do. Family, too.
Kindest wishes, all.
Soo xx


Have a fortifying hug or several, dere Chatelaine. Along with a soothing pitcher.



Polishing an selection of footwear now…



Extry Normous Nat, I trust.

Fortifying summat ready when you want it, me dear.


I shall be lighting a candle tomorrow.

Try and get some sleep, dear chatelaine.

Good night.


I shall be hugging severial trees tomorrow
Now try get some sleep dear chatelaine




and Bracing Summats lined up on the bar.

Also fevvery hugs is available.


Hot buttered crusts will be ready soon

And bacon butties



Am back

Very poor night last night, up at 7am, out at 11-15 & back at 5-15pm

The day has gorn very well but I am going to assume an Recumbent Posture on me Chaise wiv me feets up

I will smoke 1 of BiL’s Cigarillos & raise a glass or 3 inna while



Hat off, feets up and a medicinal to hand: sounds like a plan to me, Dahlink.

A candle has been going here all day


Hugs dear chatelaine


Hugs, Carinthia.


Hugs from yer bee, too.
Poppy candle izz and hazz been lit.
Soo xx


I’m probably allergic to fevvers.


Then avoid aviaries, certain duvets, boas (the other kind as well, one can’t be too risk averse, imo, and there’s always quetzalcoatl to bear in mind), and venues offering burlesque entertainment.

My usual fee: 50 guineas.