So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?



Am back

Very poor night last night, up at 7am, out at 11-15 & back at 5-15pm

The day has gorn very well but I am going to assume an Recumbent Posture on me Chaise wiv me feets up

I will smoke 1 of BiL’s Cigarillos & raise a glass or 3 inna while



Hat off, feets up and a medicinal to hand: sounds like a plan to me, Dahlink.

A candle has been going here all day


Hugs dear chatelaine


Hugs, Carinthia.


Hugs from yer bee, too.
Poppy candle izz and hazz been lit.
Soo xx


I’m probably allergic to fevvers.


Then avoid aviaries, certain duvets, boas (the other kind as well, one can’t be too risk averse, imo, and there’s always quetzalcoatl to bear in mind), and venues offering burlesque entertainment.

My usual fee: 50 guineas.


Hello, Hearthrug. Pull up a chaise and have a quick snifter of whatever is your pet tipple.


Welcome Hearthrug!

I’ll leave the makings of summat medicinal on the table—don’t want to get too close in case I trigger any allergies.


Have slept for an hour,& will prolly, hopefully, sleep some more

I took a spare pare of Shoesies but didn’t change them

Slammers, anyone ?



Or, indeed, slippers…
Oh gwan then, Dahlink. Don’t mind if I do (which has always seemed to me a slightly daft phrase, but wotthehell)


Oh, good thought!


Was that hearthrug in here ?

I am in need of a footrest after a day of baking
Rum and pineapple cake bread mince and onion pies and a simple Vicky sponge


and not a comma in the house.
Hoping that “bread mince and onion pies” might turn out to be the basis for a stuffing…

ODFOG covers it nicely, don’t you think?


Gus dear heart

I can’t see the comma button on my phone and I have phat phingers so I just does my best


Home safe ‘n’ orf to me nest.



Twellsy, there is sometimes the overpowering need to be a complete arse.
Yrs, buttockly


They’re not wrong about 14th Feb
Birds screaming wingover obscenities at one anuvver at the top of veir fevvery little lungs

Still. A spot of ombra mai fu is doing sterling service to drown 'em out.

Counter-irritant? Nah, just a countertenor.


Lots of luvverly fog (can’t even see as far as the main road) so the birds are mostly staying quiet in case something goes (swoop) (gronf) (swoffle).



May I tell of a wonderful gift I got today?

I am now the proud owner of a full bottle of Gunpowder gin

I am a happy old bat