So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Sympathy for DiL, Carinthia.
Soo xx


The spire in that form is a mid-nineteenth century addition – or rather, it was. I mourn the glass more than the spire, if I am honest. It may be that they’ll see reason and have a slight rethink on the spire’s design, but I am unsure the glass will be replaced like for like.

And it is all very well them saying all the time that it’s a twelfth century building, but they didn’t look after it at all from its desecration in 1790 for many decades, and only started to think anything of of it again or bother to take care of it after Victor Hugo’s Hunchback of Notre Dame some time in the 1830s. After that they did some badly-needed restoration work on it and stopped it from falling down…

And yes, my sympathy is for the injured firefighter more than anything. Things (however glorious) are things; people are people.


Interesting note on the firefighting protocols in use.


Bits of that thread made me cry.

I hope that the person who said the glass is in better shape than was first feared is correct.


That was heartening to read, Dunnock

The stained glass is almost my favourite thing there, but I confess to weeping when I saw the gold cross above the altar



I agree on both counts, Carinthia. Thanks for that thread, Hedgers - I’m off to the kirk, but I’ll read it all on my return.
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There are people on there feeling sorry for trees.

Now, I like trees I have several, many of which I’ve planted myself, but they aren’t sorry for the potential loss of a vista, or the loveliness of an established avenue, they’re actively sorry for trees.

Trees which were planted originally for this very purpose.

I do worry about people sometimes.


Well, quite - this is a default position of mine, too. Thank goodness that the fire-fighting protocols had this at the forefront. Trees - well - we have a surfeit of oaks near here, planted by Admiral Collingwood, to ensure a goodly future supply for the fleet. He used to wander about his estate, with a pocketful of acorns to scatter and encouraged family and friends to do likewise. After his death, his widow continued this worthy future-proofing and had many oaks planted in the College Valley. Obviously, we have plenty of oaks to spare…

Soo xx



All right, that probably deserves an explanation.

In the morning for I am an Evil Birdie.


Pedunculate oaks, Hedgers?
Oh, well. Be evil, if you choose
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Aha! The Battle of…
None the wiser - did Collingwood fire acorns at the Danes? I know that you won’t tell me, as you are newly evil, Hedgers.
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Wellington boots. Or was it scrambled eggs?


Think about the Danes rather than Collingwood, I suspect.


Also Trinity (Cambridge).


Tell me it’s not cycle lanes, Fishers.
Or not :slight_smile:
I must retire. Norshussness (?sp) has been largely cured by chicken soup.
I am also largely ignoring that enigmatic Bird.

Good nights, Cellarites,
Soo xx


Not cycle lanes, no.

The DDD has eaten almost all her day’s ration and taken her rope away upstairs with her; I shall take the hint and go to bed. G’night!


I wouldn’t if I were you, little Bee:

Ticks all the boxes, innit.


A Round of Medicinals to take wiv you both

Pleased about DDD

F’Dave is coming to collect the car in the morning
MOT time again

I have to go to the Orsepiddle for another blood test



Certainly does, Gus. Thank you.
[Wonders if that Truly Good Bird hazza bottle to share]

Annual MOTs seem to happen every six months, these days, Carinthia. Good luck with that and for your appointment. This morning I shall be attending a retirement ‘do’ for the lovely Chaplain whom MiL regarded with such fondness. Shan’t be going empty handed, as we have a bottle of tawny port azza gift.

Soo xx


Nottan Port drinker meself, but I understand that tawny is the way to go

Have been up since 6-45 & am now awaiting F’Dave