So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Now there’s a thought! Thanks, Carinthia.



I don’t have such. But, I do trust you - as you know.
Soo xx


Need you arsk?
An non-broken one works too, but watch yer fingers

Stitch-rippers cost 50p each at Fred’s



I am guessing that the end of a metal nail-file might also do the job. You know, the crescent-shaped bit which I’ve always assumed is for cleaning under your nails before washing your hands.


That’s yer Christmas gift list sorted, Carinthia :wink: Mr Bee says that he izz quite happy to pop the med’s, but I do quite like to maintain some independence.:rofl:
Soo xx


I have been Pondering,& doing some Reeesearch

A wooden Cockytail stick works too, but better is an wooden Manicure stick - a Noo one, obviously…

Still sharp, but not an blade

I Thangyew

Looks around for an 'Normous Slammer…



As I do you, Carinthia. I am sneezing and koffing and hope that I am being neurotic. Say a positive thing, please.
We’ll be meeting up with DS, hopefully, for sushi tomorrow. I must sort out various things before then. If I can’t, I’ll meet DS and Mr Bee will sort out anything that’s left over. Gawds.
Good nights, Cellarites,
Soo xx


Medicinal Gin, Soo, or possibly an 'Normous Pernod, being as itizz an Emergency…

How is your MiL today ?



Short of breath with a reduced appetite and sad, Carinthia. I’ll go to bed with my thorts, on this.
Soo xxxx


There’s a Candle burning here, in my lovely Poppy Tealight-holder

Hope it brings abit of light for you all



I hate blister packs of pills and capsules as I end up with capsule contents everywhere

Soo my thoughts are with you coping with elderly folks

Carinthia I am just worried about you

Here I amused myself by painting my nails a deep midnight blue with a delicate blue glitter on top of it

And I knitted a bit of a cardigan knitted in a circle

The bull was being mean and keeping me in the heat and trying to rest me

But it’s sooooooo boring doing bugga all


Stoppit, Twellsy

The weather is filthy, & you don’t want to be in Orsepiddle before, or at Christmas .

There’s no need to worry about me. I’m doing ok, & have high hopes of this stuff working . It’s all a matter of learning not to overdo things, & paying for it for a week after

Strength will be gathered…



I am just fractious at the moment as I feel fine until I do more than paint my nails

Then I realise that asthma is a bit of a nuisance to say the least

Hey ho I have a better life than huge numbers of folk on the planet :earth_asia: so I will try to cheer up myself

I am still worriting about a chatelaine

So there!


A small child, suitably muzzled, would work too.


A good principle in general, really.



Waves to Gus

Twellsy, you are dealing with yer actual life-threatening conditions, so try not to be too daft, there’s a Dear

Oh good

An Yardarm

Liberates Pitcher



Waves benignly back at Cellar. Sends Healing Thorts to them as could do with a bit of an improvement on the health front. Far too numerous for my liking, them.
Am guzzling the pub’s wifi. Oh, and its beer.
Assisted in the purchase of a quarter of a sheep this morning. Bargainous, it was, and I am in maternal good books for spotting same.
Play bonny, my dears. And be sensible (yes, Twellsy, that does include you)
Gus xxx


Cheers, Gus

I have been resting (!), as I am going out shortly. Our Boots is having an Charity Evening for ‘Look Good, Feel Better’, which helps cancer patients sort out make-up & skincare. The Beauticians go to the Orsepiddle every month & do demonstrations / give private consultations , & itizz a really nice thing to do.

Am assured that there will be food, drink anna Goody Bag, so I will show my face



Hope the evening is a roaring success and that you enjoy it, dere hatelaine

Hmm. A C appears to be missing but hatelaine is not altogether inappropriate.


Rather an apt Typo there, Oh Gusly One :wink:

I will let you know about the Goody Bag…