So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Quarter-sheeps aren’t as yummy as half-hoggets, I reckon. But then I am biast.


Is a quarter-sheep like a quarter-horse?


Yes. And no. Depending on which criteria one takes into consideration. Both are made of meat, for example.


I wuz dragged up on hogget

We got 2 each year for the freezer


Well, here’s a thing: I wozz clearly influenced by this marvellous notion when I cancelled my flu jab for tomorrow and made appointments for hair and nails, instead. In my defence, my thumbnails are both split half-way down on each side and my hair izz making me look more like a bag-lady. Plus, I’m clearly shallow.

Today has been just that - a day. We had a good meal with DS, who loathes his job and izz looking a bit battered. DiL izz off-sick with stress, so we discussed that. We sorted out M’s shopping and pill boxes - the GP has declared a possible chest infection and prescribed antibees, ahem. There izz so much more about pill boxes, but even I have become bored with that. Post-it notes rock - I hope.

bee xx


I am off to watch some mind-numbing TV. I am taking with me a large G&t.
Soo xx


Have a Hug, Soo

I came back after an hour, having had my nails painted (!), & some copper coloured glitter in my hair

My hairdresser can laugh about that at she tries to wash it out tomorrow…

Lovely evening with nice sandwiches & mince pies fer them as does

Ready-mixed Bucks Fizz is not nice . I had forgotten…

Have made the 4 packages I was given into 2 really good ‘Goody Bags’, so DiL can have 1 & a friend the other . They each contain 4 Noo Nail Polish in bright colours, Foundation, Blusher, Lipstick, anna sample of Clarins Hand Cream

I have snaffled the other Clarins samples & 3 Nail Polish in more muted tones, fer me Toesies…

I went on the 'bus & was going to come home by taxi, but couldn’t get one, so walked to the 'bus stop & waited for the next one

Am officially knackerated now, & could do with an Slammer or 3…



Slammers for the Chatelaine!


Indeed! And bed for me.
Best dreams, Cellarites,
Soo xx


Bacon butties ready

As are the loaves on the cooling rack


\________/<------Me Plate



Rain :cloud_with_rain: more rain rain ooooh, bacon butties. That calls forra



Nothing is better than a bacon butty.

… except two bacon butties


Puts pan back on to fry more bacon…


I rather fancy a sossidge butty. With mustard (don’t tell Armers).

Itizz a beautiful day. That narsty wind that wozz forecast has been deferred to during the night.

Soo xx







Soo xx


Don’t worry, Armers, I’ll eat your share. Selfless, me.


Blooming hell. Dealing with British Gas & their ‘elf n safety’ obsession is hard work !

We agreed to have ‘Smart Meters’ installed. The bloke is here today & just looked at the various gas appliances (hob, fire, boiler) as needed to see them work & stop working.

He went to look at the boiler, in the attic … but can’t get to it without walking along the rafters. He’s not allowed to do this as we haven’t got fully boarded flooring to it up there.

“Why do you need to actually touch it ? You can see it’s working, and I can switch it on & off via the Hive.”

“I don’t know why, it’s just our instructions”

“You’d better leave then. I guess we’ll just never have smart meters”.

“One day there may be a Govt. requirement that everyone will have to have Smart Meters”

“We’ll deal with that when it happens”.

“I’ll just speak with my coach ('coach ??). … (phone call, goes outside) … My coach says if I can switch off the Hive then I can proceed”.


Took him 3.5hrs altogether.

Oh, & daytime use of 'lecy appears to be 21p an hour.


Looking on the bright side, the government subsidies for smart meter installations run out at the end of the year, so the powercos will calm down on the pestering for a bit.

(Personally I like it to be mildly challenging for someone to turn off the power to my house, not just that they’re driving past and happen to be in a mischievous mood.)