So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Dear chatelaine

Think positive

You Have a brain

Sommovus has a holey thing with lousy blood supply

And photos to prove it

Have a gentle hug or ten


Morning folk

Bacon butties on the table

Fresh banettone loaves with a good crust on the cooling rack with soft butter in the nearby butter dish

Steps aside to avoid the chatelaine’s elbows

She can fair move if fresh hot crusty bread is around you know

Now then

Joe and delivery sparrer need some sustenance

Malted wholegrain loaves cut into sandwiches with a filling of corned beef and finely sliced pickled onions

Sounds weird but does taste gorgeous

I think a good old fashioned chocolate sponge with chocolate icing spiked with a shot of espresso will make a good base for snacks

I have made a pile of flapjacks for Joe as medication

All the bed rest causes one to bung up so nice oaty flapjacks will help

I think a decent armagnac will go down well

The passengers should still have honey




Today I am surrounded by boardgames.


Today I have tecnical Ishoos.
Play bonny, all of you


Not least speling ;-(


Mead, maybe. 2 birds, 1 stone (or bottle).


Where’s that other bird? Wanna fight?


Recycling Bins today

Someone has chosen to recycle an empty Vodka bottle on the verge in front of my wall


They could have put it in the bin…





I hardly dare type this, joe…are you being sprung? With your little helpers and all?
Soo xx


Feck it! They can’t book me in as an outpatient so I’m stuck here until Monday


Alas, no.


Ah, that’s notta like 'like, joe.
Feckity feck-feck.
So sorry for you.
Soo xx


Oh bugger that Joe

Snot right


“If I go home and need to call an ambulance, I’ll still be seen by a doctor sooner than if I stay here and press the buzzer.”


To quote me in a London hospital after I had a stroke.

Joe, I’m reet pissed off for you.


At least you have a hope of freedom on Monday Joe

Says Pollyanna

I could strangle that bluddy cheerful wee brat you know

I think Joe needs gin

Sadly only cyber gin but at least the offer is genuine


Aye, aam reet pissed off for joe, too.
What to do?
Soo xx


Wot Twellsy said, joe. Damn and blast it.
Posting from crappy phone as tablet died hence uncharacteristic silence


Life unfair to Joes. Well, we knew that.