So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Bella has just hatched a chick, with a second on the way. :champagne: all round!

(At least, until they turn out to be roosters—her record to date on gender balance is roughly on a par with the Vatican.)


Congratulations to Bella!


Yay for Bella! Let’s hope she has two daughters, this time.

Might you have need to buy a coat, for DDD, Fishers. How exciting, to be welcoming a Dog.

Soo xx


Yay for Bella

And doggy visits for a long time

Here the leopards are being a small bit annoying - being 3D fighting balls of spotty fur


Worms all round!


We won’t mention the ‘biltong’, Soo…
Oh, we will… in that we already have. Briefly, a DDD treat was almost filed as a Sparrer treat. Freeze-dried venison and blueberries - would have been fine (a very reputable brand). If a touch on the chewy side.


I am tempted to get them out for tasting. Biltong is chewy, after all.


Hopefully there will be photos tomorrow. Haven’t actually seen them myself yet—didn’t want to disturb them while hatching.


Very sensible. One might get pecked something rotten…


thattiz a matter between spouses, or even spice. We shall draw a veil.

anyone got an india rubber? There’s: such a thing as too much veil, where one cannot see a bluddy thing. All that enthusiastic and busy cross-hatching. Please wash your hands before leaving the art room, deres


I fear the blueberries would make it too sweet.


I shall look for similar sans blueberry, then, next time I go to worship Dexter, a young GSD of faultless manners and general gorgeousness. Whose head is still puppy-soft while the rest of his coat is now all-grown-up-ish.

They do whole bones and dried pig ears and all sorts (I mention this wrt the DD dog. For the avoidance of doubt)


Why would you want to go around marrying Morons ?


She didn’t, I believe.

I’m glad that you have swerved doubt, Gus. I almost imagined Doggy treats being proferred to our resident Bird and that would be All Wrong. I’ve prolly got the wrong end of the biltong, again.

Soo xx


Is there a right end of biltong ?

Proffers Pitchers

Am still Flumping & will have a shower & Decline on me Chaise wivva Drink

Or 3



I’m very fond of biltong (esp. w/vodka). Pig’s ears, less so, but That Hound made short work of one a few years ago.


Well, I don’t know, Carinthia. I’d depend upon Prince Charles to bail me out on the etiquette, with that one.

I am flummoxed by a bit of news. Nothing sad or terrible but a curved ball, nonetheless. So - I’ll join you in a drink or two while I inwardly ponder the strangeness of folks.

Soo xx


Have Severial Hugs, Soo



Many fuzzy hugs for you, too. How has Monday been?
Soo xx


There is no hope for you, Hedgers. But, then, I realise why there must be such.
We needs our Sparrer.

Time for bed, perchance to…sleep.

Soo xx