So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


If there can be a best end of lamb/mutton, then I feel that right end of biltong is permissible. If not canonical, of lambical.


Snork, Gus !

Have managed to get quite a bit done today, Soo, but really haven’t felt great



Owwww! Gerroff! Eeeek!

How does one get the notion into a fuzzy and hazelnut-sized brain that lying purring on a human chest is fine and welcome but standing in a person’s tits is very much NOT?

< dusts off cuirass. Ponders offensive possibilities of said noun. Shuffles resentfully off in search of tea >


But bosoms are just designed for a feline to pummel into shape as a pussycat’s bed

Soft and warm and just the right size

At least you have one cat Gus

I have three Bengals who want to share my embonpoint


Self-inflicted innit? (The cats, not the embonpoint.)



…and a deep affinity for leopard-print clothing. Hmmmm. How many Bengals did you have to begin with?


We started with a single then gave his sisters a home

He died so we got a snow spotted boy

His sire was retiring so he came with his kitten

Sadly he died so we are left with three spotty horrors

And I am rather fond of them


I have also had to scour the area for polenta to bake with

Who knew it was such a delicacy?

None in Limerick none in nearly all of Ennis

A tiny health food shop came up trumps



I appear to have been asweep for most of today



For all I’ve achieved today, I might as well have been. Wifi networks are a pain.

Or in this case, notwork.


We have come by a four-shelf Globe Wernicke bookcase and have to work out where it lives. This is going to involve a lot of book-juggling and thing-wrangling.


I have shopped for my baking and have baked one large tray of chocolate mistakes and 3 banananana and chocolate chip loaves

I think that is enuff for one day

Tomorrow is boiled tea fruit loaves caramel squares and date and walnut cakes


Aha! Would that have anything to do with:

by any chance? I am a bit envious, but I’ll get over it.

Soo xx


I don’t think clothing and Globe Wernicke are all that related, really.


It was probably what you needed, Dahlink, but it does bugger one up somewhat for sleeping decently at night.
Pitchers are called for, I think.

Wish I had been asleep, frankly. Awake wiv Doomy Thorts.

But I had a sudden burst of something or other and made soda bread (thank you, joe). Far from perfect, but more than edible. Looked all rugged and rustic, indeed positively geographical. Has set me longing for smoked salmon, which in our case, etc.
But we do have butter, so that’s all right.


[revs up the Gusly yarrow stalk] gannet, incoming


It’s all part of the flare-up, I think, Gus

I’ll just have to sleep it orff

I was going to ‘bottom’ as they say here, the Tupperware/Odd Plastic Containers cupboard today, but that involves steps, so I haven’t

Fishy, would it fit in your Guest Accommodation ?

Arsks she, innan Hopeful Manner



I thought that furniture could be included in the sumptuary lawliness, Fishers. Mea culpa.
Soo xx


It would, but if it did you wouldn’t be able to open the shelves, curse it!

The plan at present seems to be to move the oak bookcase from one side of the doorway to the other, to where the two-shelf melamine one is, put the GW where the oak one has been up to now, and worry about the much smaller, lower, white melamine one at a later date. This involves a fair bit of book-moving and also book-dusting, so not I think tonight. But it has to be done before the arrival of DDD and Son, because they are on either side of the door to the room he will be sleeping in. The GW can’t stay where it is at present, because that is “all over the main room floor”.

Before four tomorrow afternoon, in other words.


Gus dear I am baking to take to a sale of baked stuff for the charity that helps folk with brain injuries

So you are welcome to my caramel squares (on a proper shortbread base) as long as you part with the odd groat or ten!

I am pleased with the chocolate mistakes - a butter and crushed suggestive biccies pressed into a tin with walnuts and choccy scattered over and a caramel topping baked into the whole

Sounds dreadful but is a failed NI protestant tray bake that turned out to be delicious!