So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


As another Cellarite might well remark, Fishy - Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

Try not to wear yourself out. Aye, easily said. But still…


The small white one is emptied and the books into boxes, but since I am not in charge of all the gubbins on top of it and the other one there is not a lot more I can do tonight. And That Bird is Busy.


They would be groats well spent, dere Twellers, I’m sure of that. And what heroic feats of baking. Ecumenical, of course ;- )


Stuff on top of bookcases is for tomorrow when I hope to be a bit more awake.


One thing I must have is a tea boiled fruit cake for the parish priest as he is a fan of my boiled fruit cakes

He announces the sale at morning mass and comes to support it but he dives in to get a fruit cake of mine

He has to beat the parish matrons who can beat nuns in a race to the cake table


You didn’t tell us you lived in one of Alan’s parishes


I suspect that Twellsy has many secrets (apart from her embonpoint).

One has had a very frustrating and annoying day (things wot can’t be discussed hereabouts) and shall lie one’s head down, to mull things over. Best dreams, all.

Soo xx


Gin, soo.

And for others wot does.

This recently posted by a friend:


And, thank you, Hedgers.
Soo xx


Rhubarb and ginger sounds a potentially explosive combination


Big Hugs, Soo

I used to make a rather nice rhubarb & ginger trifle



Well, itizz Blowing an Hoolie here & the bins are walzing around on the drive

Hissing it down too, so am not going out to get them



Don’t get me wrong—I love rhubarb and ginger. It’s just that combined with alcohol, I fear I might not be responsible for my actions. Or bodily functions.


Oh Joe

Wipes eyes…Carinthia.xx


Not sure you are prioritising correctly there, Dahlink.

Coat, got.


Prioritising? Or spelling?


[yawnity] tseep. Much to do before Hound.



Bacon butties to help getting things DONE dear dunnock?

I am going to the dentist then this afternoon I will be baking again
Just as well I like baking and had the idea of doing loads of baking for fund raising instilled into me from an early age

Sales of work were organised by each church in the town by the ladies groups in each congregation and I was taught to bring something to each and lots to our own

I even was a hanky girl with hankies I embroidered at our sale of work as well as having baked lemon buns aged 9


Dogme Bugday, it’s DDD day! Huzzah!

Hope all goes smoothly and much wagging is involved.


More surprisingly, Sudden Daughter has just been here for seven minutes (at an hour’s notice) fetching her red leather Queen Anne Chesterfield, and the Bergen she left here full of gear she didn’t need for her current posting; she is buzzing round the country collecting all her possessions and taking them to the flat she owns, ready for the end of her overseas time in the summer.

She says she will be back next week to visit us properly.

Meanwhile, the DDD is on the open sea: Son (due to dock in Harwich with the DDD at 1945) put up a signal: “The crew on board think we’ll be a bit later than advertised eg 2100D because with a 40kt headwind we need tugs to get out and progress across may not be as speedy. I don’t know how accurate their online/ phone info service will be but I’d plan to come a little later regardless.” Stena Line says “on time”, but given that gen from Son I don’t really believe them.

And the Skoda, having been parked on the slope outside when it had not enough fuel in it, is refusing to start. So it is just as well we have the afternoon to sort that out in.