So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Bluddy Ell, Fishy

Petrol can in the garage anna quick trip to a filling station ?

Waves to Sudden Daughter’s shadow…



As Carinthia so rightly says, bluddy 'ell. Fingers crossed and tenters hitched here.
Sudden Daughter is aptly named.


She isn’t going to start until she is on the level no matter what, so a can full of fuel and then a tow from Mini up onto the road is what is happening. That Bird is getting the can filled now. No, has just got the can filled, got home and is setting up the tow-rope.

There is probably about a hundred miles’ worth of fuel in Skoda, but on the slope it doesn’t get into the right place.


Tenters Hitched, Fishy



Stage one complete: Gallant Little Mini has pulled Glorious Skoda up onto the flat, and the towing-eye will be removed from Mini again before we do anything else.

Now we cross fingers that Skoda will start.


No joy. She now says oil pressure low – which happens when she isn’t happy about the fuel. sigh


“Likes” expressing sympathy, lest there be any misunderstanding


Yes, indeed.
Soo xx


Garage man says, "So long as there is oil in there, just try cranking her every five minutes or so until she starts and ignore the oil-warnings; they don;t mean anything except “you have been cranking for too long.” And she has plenty of oil.

Meanwhile, Stena Line are cagey; all they say about the ship is “departed”. on the other hand show one exactly where she is, and how fast she is going on what heading. This is helpful!


It’ll prevent any suddenness of DDD, anyhoo.

Soo xx


Having near-drained the Škoda battery, we jumped her from the Mini, and that finally got us somewhere. That Fish is orf to get more fuel.


I have Tenters Hitched

Candles Lit

Minnow End(s), Gin & An Superior Cheese Board will be ready for you for when you get back



All is well, Skoda is fueled, and I am orf to Harwich.


Yerran Amazing Fish.
Soo :smile: ) xx


[Gus resumes breathing]
G’luck, Fishy, and godspeed


Coo the things I miss while at the dentist and then baking

Glad all is sorted and I hope the son is on time ish

Anyone want fruit cake or date and walnut cake?


Date and walnut for me, Twellsy and thankyou. It’ll be a good pud for after my stuffed courgettes. I know - the thrills.

Soo xx


Date and walnut will be out in half an hour

Will that do wee bee?


Perfect, Twellsy. Or, fruit cake, the state I’m in.

Soo xx


Twellers, I want it all. All your bakes are belong to me.

There is one drawback. Overindulged in last night’s soda bread and I am one of the tedious people who can’t take too much wheat. It was Too Much, it turns out. Grooogh. Wanna caramel square and half a fruitcake and Dacent Protestant Traybakes (but not the ones wiv dedicated coconut: the Devil’s Dandruff, that)
You have been a busy Twells. AttaTwellers.