So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Oh dear—I can’t help feeling it’s partly my fault. Would gin help?


Gin always helps, dere. And I cannot see how any blame should be attaching itself to you for my gluttony.


PS: neighbour had some inflicted on her and was very happy about it.


Gin forra Needy Gus


[grateful soofle]


Oh, no, they don’t, Gus. I see that you have responded to your own assertion, however.
[Piggy snorts from a happy bee]

The vegetarian option of Lenten soup today comprised veg - good so far - with hefty chunks of ham - not at all good for Mr Bee. I have encouraged him to think that I suffered in equal measure because of my parsimonious serving of ham and lentil, the latter being delicious (as far as one could tell). This ecumenical gathering provides entertainment, every year.

Aha! The Gin Tanker!

Soo xx


Was that the Catholic Lenten Lunch, Soo?

Sounds suspiciously like it, what with the ham, & all



'Fraid so, Carinthia.
Soo xx


Ah. Ecumenism vs Epicurianism. Always a difficult choice.
But a Lenten AND vegetarian soup involving ham is quite the conundrum. Well, not really a conundrum at all. You secure their head and I will wield the Ladle of Correction. Giving it a bit of welly, you understand.


Very gracious of you, I must say, Gus. But I do seem to have been responsible for the spate of soda bread making hereabouts.

Will be venturing up to Belfast on the morrow, so will be checking that standards as regards the Ulster fry are being maintained.


Too late - he ate it and ‘our turn’ is a few weeks away, but I’ll be providing veggie soup as usual.
Did I share with you that my carrot and coriander soup (chosen for its safeness) had one bowl-full chucked down the lav, for being too spicy? The shame! The aggravation!

Soo xx


I can only apologise, Soo

They get carried away/should be taken away…



Don’t apologise, Carinthia, please. I ate far more for lunch than I would have done in normal circumstances and the cuppa tea was excellent. By the time those ecumenically inclined Lenten folks get around to our ultimate fab-fest of wonders, they have usually gone off the boil and won’t be around to give useful feedback. Apart from the one that sent my soup back for disposal. I shan’t forget this.

That’ll be mine.

Soo xx


No-one could accuse you of serving bland food, Soo



Thank you, Dwarling xx But, the time is approaching for my Lenten soup and it won’t be overly spicy. Maybe a bit of smoked paprika, instead of cayenne pepper, more cumin, less all-spice/grated ginger…Leave it with me. I’ll report back, come the day.
Good nights, Cellarites.
Soo xx


Wanna pipe line for that. Just sayin’.


Gin, Soo

All will be well wiv Gin



DDD is in situ and presently chewing on a pig’s ear with great satisfaction; as Son says, she hasn’t seen anything Pig for three and a half years!

And that took her about six minutes…

Ah well.

Son has gone to his bed and passed out.


Time forra Minnow End, Fishy



Ehhh that was quicker than one had imagined. Hurrah. Good forra wee dog, to be chewing an ear.
Minnow End, as the wise Chatelaine says.
And love to a deserving dog, of course.