So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


I go bed now…


I aren’t surprised



Sleep well. And in the morning there will be Dog.


Somebody out there is going “peep” in a charming and houndly manner.



Morning folk

Bacon butties on the table

Today is caramel square and assorted sponge day
Sponges will be choccy vanilla and coffee flavour

The coffee one will be the sort that whacks one around the chops and lets you know it is there

Walnuts will be on top of coffee butter cream


What joy!

Soo xx



One happy pooch there


Aw… Deep canine joy: ‘I am become Dog, the destroyer of boxes’


She hasn’t done as thorough a job as sometimes before: there are still bits of that box more than three inches square.


Jet lag, I expect.


I have a gluten free whole orange cake in the oven so the Gusly gut could tolerate that

Foe can you chuck a Hovis and soda farls to me when you trek North?



Joe Is Our Friend, Twellsy… :wink:

Sunshine, driving rain & Hoolie here ATM . :dog2: I hope that DDD takes her time getting used to it, & soon gets over the Jet/Ship-lag




click click clicky click
huff huff huff
jingle jingle


Or he’s saving some for later, just in case…


Hurrah for The Dog! May we have more pictures, please?

P.S. And Joe, don’t you have a proud ma and babe to show us?


I now have vanilla sandwich cooling a coffee sandwich in the oven and a chocolate sandwich to go in after the coffee cake comes out

The dough for the coffee cake smells wickedly strong

It will have walnuts added in the icing which will bite too

All coffee folks can fight over it

There are vanilla and choccy cakes too



She looks very much at home…