So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Morning folk

Chilly and widdling weather here

Bacon butties on the table and bread on its second prove


Roused by a Dog wiv a sense of Urgency.



Having a bit ovva nothing sort of day. Went to Sainsbury, while Mr Bee went to the gym. I could get on with some housew#rk (friends will visit tomorrow evening) but I’ll read, instead. The friends are those relaxing types who couldn’t give a stuff about tidiness etc. as long as they are adequately fed and ‘watered’.

I do hope that Carinthia is being given good support and proffer gentle hugs.

Soo xx


Extry Bracing Medicinals ready forra Carinthia here.

Sleepy sort of day.

Small delicious birdies should not sleep in front of dear delightful dogs. Just in case she forgets herself.


If wee birdies feed dogs then dogs are not so likely to eat said birdies…


Hah. We are Not Her People so what we have is the Wrong Food.

She will eat eventually.


Small and homesick food-refusing child, through tears:
“Auntie X’s cooking TASTES too much!”


The food being put in front of the DDD is identical in every respect with the food she ate last month, having been bought from the same place by the same person. She is just Making A Stand, or something.


Oh, I know it is the Right Food really; it is the pathos in both cases which is similar.


Oof & Flump

Extry Bracing Medicinals will go down very well,thank-you, Dunnock

Had a 40 minute chat with a Sister Practitioner who has upped the dose of Methotrexate by 1 tablet per week. Blood test in 2 weeks

They no longer have Monitoring Books as ‘everything is on the computer now’, but she did print out the results of my last blood test, so I know what to look for .

I then spent 35 minutes waiting at the Pharmacy before catching the 'bus into town. Did an unfeasible amount of shopping before staggering to the Pharmacy opposite my Drs to pick up my repeat prescription .

Decided I couldn’t stagger any more, so had a taxi back from there

I will be Declining on me Chaise if anyone wants me



If you are staggerin’ after a Medicinal you can always blame the Medicinal.

If you are not staggerin’ then you prolly need anuvver.


Well, you’ll be delighted to know that my liver izzin perfect order

Stoppit at the back…



Zips mouth shut before the phrase “well pickled liver in vodka” escapes


Recipe, please…


Take one human liver and place in a vat of vodka to marinade and preserve

There you are Gus


Ah, the simple ones are often the best


I certainly am, despite my best efforts, Carinthia. How went today?
Soo xx


So - sending out a worried flare for Carinthia - I must go to bed. The latter izza a repeating pattern, I’d allow.
Best dreams, Cellarites,
Soo xx


Soo, Carinthia posted earlier and was planning to flumph.


I had to Flump, being suddenly incapable of anything else

For the Cheeky Chuffs amongst you, this medication can affect my heart, liver & eyes, but so far, so good , which is reassuring - especially the liver… :rofl::champagne:

Am ok, just very weary ATM