So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Flump with an essence of:
Gentle wishes, Carinthia.

The Ultimate Lenten Lunch went well.
Tomorrow, Mr Bee and I intend to do little.
Good nights, Cellarites,
Soo xx


Gawds, that looks good, Soo

And so nutritious too

Do have an Gin

My lot have never tended to go in for Lenten Lunches, but are very heavily involved in providing & cooking food for the Homeless Shelter. We were also part of a group of Churches in Chesterfield providing an Emergency Night Shelter from November until the end of March



Home safe ‘n’ orf to me nest.

The way out involved going via Bedford, but I was only half an hour late, which given the 2-hour delays on other routes is not bad going.


So, the magnolias are out, including the tremendous ‘stellata’. The camellia’s are blooming. The Forsythia is a waft of bright yellow. A huge array of daffodils and tulips are in full flow as is the Mock Orange . … & now the Wild Cherry tree we planted ourselves is in full blossom … all 50’ of it.

It’s bright enough to blind a beggar and the temperature, despite the forecasts, is already 17° … 62° in real money.

I’m on my second cup of Earl Grey & sitting in the conservatory wondering about the upcoming bacon butties. Anyone want one ? … or more than one ??

Is this what they call a YARDARMM !!! ?


Morning all

Bacon butties ready

I am off to crafty group today with my alpaca cardi to play with

But before that I have to make a dough for pizza

I fancy a really well laden pizza that needs a knife and fork to eat the bits that fall off



They are glorious, Armers

DiL gave me a lift to the Orsepiddle, so I have had my blood test

Coffee now, & am then orff to the hairdresser shortly

Itizz bright & sunny here, but deceptively cold



Your garden Armitage?

So many pretty spring blooms

I love the magnolia

Here we are concentrating on growing stone and concrete this year - lots of weed inhibiting hard surface


It is indeed. We have the flowering cherry at the front, with 3 big Laburnum which will be a few weeks yet. Azaleas and Rhododendron are showing promise & our usual plethora of bluebells are shooting.

We are a riot of colour until the end of June. Then, soft-fruit apart, it goes a bit hedgy and a range of greens but little flower colour.


Wot’s wrong wiv yer fingers?

(I want to start a restaurant called Pizza Trough.)

“Wet and red. Yup, that’s blood all right.”


A beautiful spring garden then

Here our garden is an acre with the west third being a shelter belt

the middle bit more than a third has the old shed/cow byre/ hay loft/peat shed/ass and cart store all in one building west of the cottage and the cottage with drive big enough for several vehicles

the east bit has a number of fancy trees

To the south of the cottage is a large - very large south facing garden that is going to be redone in our style from autumn on

Escalonia hedge gone mad and barren apple trees will go to the great chipping machine in the sky via our chipping machine and the whole garden opened up with no pointless hedges in the way


Wee birdie

Some of us have blood slightly less liquid than others do

In fact I have blood that would be solid if I let it be so!


Another illusion shattered.

Earl Grey is not ‘tea’, ittiz Tarts’ Bathwater





That’s me Officially Knackerated fer the rest of the day

I went to Lidl after the hairdresser - It was the last day for me to get £10 orff a £40 shop, courtesy of The Sunday Times

The place was heaving

The Checkout was heaving

I couldn’t find the voucher after all had been rung through

The queue behind me started to get abit twitchy

I was getting flustered/mortified by turns

Assistant said that she would put my bill on hold & I could move to one side & try to find it

Emptied my handbag* out onto the packing shelf

*Handbag would hold a small dog

Swore under my breath

Found it

If there izzan Large Medicinal going, I would be very grateful



Pore Carinthia!



Thank-you Fishy

I also met a recently widowed old lady , whose late husband spent a lot of time in the next bed to my father in Orsepiddle so there were tears & Hugs anna 15 minute minor obstruction in the fresh produce aisle

We should have chosen the Middle Aisle of Delights, as there’s more room there…



[pourity an Medium Normous Medicinal]

I bet yer handbag would not hold our resident small dog.


I do so like to be a disappointment. So much better than meeting people’s expectations.


I hope that people never have any expectations of me behaving well

Poor chatelaine

Do Lidl not know you are to be treated like royalty?

I think a massed* appearance of cellarati arriving and educating them about your status would be useful

  • Mass is what I have plenty of!


Absolutely. I think they should offer compensation for the stress caused. This might just be acceptable: