So, who wants to help ... to rattle on in the cellar?


Ah. Poor Houndlet.


Might she have a sore mouth? Pore Hound and wotta worry.
Soo xx


I don’t think there is anything wrong with her apart from knowing that not eating worries people. She does it sometimes.

If it goes on for more than three days I might start to worry again…


How much longer is she staying, Fishy ?



Her family get back from New Zealand on 2nd June, and I am not sure how soon after that they will want to fetch her.


She will probably have eaten at least twice by then.


Back to Proper Gravy Meat then…

I have just come back from a village where ‘Speedwatch’ was in operation .

6 ovvem in High-Vis vests



The meal she has turned down to day had proper meat gravy involved, Carinthia.


Not doubting you, Fishy

Ditch the kibble for a day or 2 ?

Have just remembered , a Jack Russell we had wouldn’t eat anything unless he saw it being freshly made/opened in front of him.

Hairdresser’s dogs eat raw meat & veg . One of them likes broccoli more than the Fambly do !



I think if I ditch the kibble at all, she will never eat it again – and I will be in all sorts of trouble with her owner. That’s the main problem. If it were not for that I would be feeding her boiled up liver-and-lights and other such delights, with Winalot.


What does her owner suggest ?



Well, I know what I think…


The dog fud with tripe in it seems popular with dogs

However it stinks so humans hate it in the house!


Rotten subterfuge has won the day.

DDD has a small but concerted passion for some Venison With Blueberry snacks which were given to her by a kind friend; she has had about one every three days since she was here.

One crumbled into the feed caused her to eat almost all of it absentmindedly while truffling about for the fragments.

She is now wiping her snout along the carpet…


Joy and relief at news of a Fed Dog.


It is good.

In other news, the plumber being here tomorrow from 8am to replace a boiler which is in the Computer Zoo means the whole lot has to be shut down until quite possibly this time tomorrow, so I shan’t be on the board for a bit. Play nicely…


Good luck with the Works.


Waves to the Fish/Bird folk with boiler works

I will just bring my trapeze in so I can oversee the cellar…


You bloody won’t, you know. Health & Safety.
Get that infernal engine out, now.
Thank you.


You will do no such thing, Twellsy

You know the rules…

Fishy, I would take yerself orff to the pub with DDD & yer Waptop

You can eat ham sandwiches, & the dog can try the Pub Doggies’ food…


Liberates Pitcher