So, who wants to help ... to take refuge in the Cellar?


[pourity] [pourity] [pourity]

Orf to me nest.


Oh goody - a summat meeting…


Blowy day today, full of Grate Big Birds. And I have wrenched me wing. That’ll teach me to stand upright.



[slingitty, possibly with gininnit] [embrocation]


Anna Hot Bath once That Fish wakes up.


I’d just gently transfer That Fish to a holding bowl if I needed a hot bath, Hedgers…


I would let that fish slumber

Fish removed in an untimely manner from their reed beds become irate and bite those who shift said fishies

And slap em about the chops with their tails


Didn’t have to…

I hope the hot bath may have helped, fear that it didn’t.



Poor Birdie

Not nice when you can’t get comfortable in any position

I would give up the upright…

Selects Litre of Medicinal Gin from The Cupboard

Locks it carefully…



Takes poorly sparrer to gin lake for some gentle physio in the supportive medium of gin


Horrible wevver, with Thick Rain here

Hot Buttered Crumpets have been consumed

There may be Sossinges later…



That izza Fine Thort, Carinthia.


There is pancakes. Wiv eggses that were still in the hen until this lunchtime. Any takers?


Allus up forra pancake, me…


…there shall be pancakes!


Hmm - I noticed a dunnock lurking near the coops this morning, pretending to be hoovering up some spilled feed. You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that, I suppose?


Am I my 35th cousin 8 times removed’s keeper?


Holds out platter for pancakes


Only available with lemon juice and a little sugar, and very delicious too.