So, who wants to help ... to take refuge in the Cellar?


Sparrer, I am Concerned: is it yer beer arm or merely a trivial injury?


Only when it suits you…


Well, that’s fine, joe. Does it suit you to keep alla youruns? I’m a bee and choose not to keep a few of mine.

Had a grand old afternoon out with friends at an hostelry nearby. At my insistence, we took a taxi there and back, and all had a Jolly Good Time.

Soo xx


lot to drink?
I do hope so :wink: Gxx


Gawds, Gus. Just two moderate rounds and tea on arrival at chez bee. I am failing in my evangelistic duties.
Soo xx


Ha! Don’t be fooled; I’ve heard about The Bruvver. And Jenny…


Jenny izza saint. A saint.
Soo xx


Left shoulderblade, me dear. Not disabling, just an occasional spasm and ouch under load.


Shocking waste of a taxi, that…
Take no notice, wee Bee, it’s the pre-Lent Blues* talking

*no, deres, nothing at all like Soylent Green


Aye - flat as a pancake, the lottovum. I do luverm, though.
I considered giving up cursing, but couldn’t be arsed.
Soo xx


I’ll bee off.
Good nights, all.
Soo xx


There’s a fine line between disownment and plausible deniability



Have just had a long hot shower

Thirsty work…



[pourity] [pourity] [pourity]

Bin getting some exercise to justify tomorrow’s gin. Well, tonight’s.


So have I! Minnow End, please.


Steady on, Dunnock

You don’t want the other wing to go orff…

[thankity] [thankity]



As they should be.

Every year I say “we should have these regularly rather than just on Pancake Tuesday”.

Then a year goes by. :neutral_face:


Me too, Armers!

Orf to me nest.


Well, treat it carefully, and keep up the gin: as they say, ‘you can’t fly on one wing’, so another gin for luck is the sensible thing to do.


Not so much fly, as plummet…

Frost, damp, light wind, great big birds, grey skies,