So, who wants to help ... to take refuge in the Cellar?


Plenty more where that came from, wee birdie.
[Evil larf]
Soo xx



Have just got orff the 'phone - BiL again

He’s going away tomorrow, so the nerves are kicking in

I bought some shoeboots from Clarks’ Sale, & collected them this afternoon. All Clarks Shoesies have double-barrelled names this year, & these are called ‘Denny Frances’

£35 instead of £70, & lovely soft leather

I think that calls for a Slammer or 3



I like Clarke’s shoesies

I have a denim skirt that just needs a button and a hem to finish it off

That Simplicity pattern made 5 inches longer than it is made

Tailors chalk is a good tool for adding to a pattern isn’t it?


The styles are much more attractive this year than for the last 2 years, Twellsy

Lastyear I picked out 3 pairs which looked great online, & when I went to the shop to see them ‘in the flesh’ & try them on, they were heavy & awful

Well done with the skirt



Well done on the garment-fettling, Twellsy

'S a bluddy good tool for drawing on the carpet with, too. Getting a reminiscent glow on the bottom along with the memory. Most unfair: as I recall, it wasn’t even an inverted pentagram.


[Brandishity] [Brandishity] delicious cavolo nero

[escapity in a cloud of quinoa] I’ve never had quinoa. But I have seen Star Wars.


All depends where you look at it from, dunnit?

And do you regard an elder sign as more like a star or more like a tree?


Leave me a portion of cavalo Nero please

I love it

Dear chatelaine I even zigzagged the raw edged of seams like a diligent trainee sew


Ummm person who sews things


Not very treeish if one’s mental tree-pattern is local deciduous chappies. But to me the elder sign is Extra Points. Paddy Power got into trouble about that, as I recall


seamsperson, dearie? (needle optional)

Cavolo nero is off for the moment as I inadvertently et it all, but I shall earmark a portion of the next wodge for you. How do you like it done?


I like to shred and fry it with sliced chilli and garlic


Oh. I was envisioning an outline…


We do not talk about my twin, joe. Ever.


The Council in the county town were crook last year

They had rainbow chard as a bedding plant

The cruel Bull would not let me do my veg acquiring from the council flower beds


What twin?


Sssshhh Joe

Some folks have siblings they would rather not have

I know I have


Looking a lot like Twellsy right now:

Separated at birth, clearly. Hence her still being here to delight us.

It’s the other twin we don’t talk about. Triplet is such an ugly word, don’t you think?


Grey skies, recent rain, gurt fat pigeon sitting on the roof-tree. Oi!



Morning all

Shopping day with my lovely Dutch rehab assistant so I am currently failing to menu plan!


Definitely calls for a slammer; very you, dahlink. Congratulations on a bargain.