So, who wants to help ... to take refuge in the Cellar?


Oh, you definitely did the right thing, Soo. And if there is Backlash, don’t take it to heart, it just means the person is a fool and thus if they look one there will be no trouble from Advertising Standards or wottever they call themselves now. Shove a pitcher in a Chatelainely direction with a spare foot or two, there’s a good Bee
Gus xxx


I’m so dry I could blow away.
Soo xx
[Shoves pitcher in a Chatelainely direction with immaculately clad beely foot. Snork.]


That Bee is indeed, immaculately shod, Gus



Not tonight I ain’t, Carinthia. Long fleecy socks have been employed because the floors are Ruddy Freezing. In April.
Soo xx


Phew! A reply has been received and, although she doesn’t like either of my suggestions, she will keep looking. Gin…need gin…
Soo xx


Try wringing out Twellsy?


She fights back, Gus.
The Chatelaine has shoved some Special Gin in my direction, which I shall take upstairs.
Good nights, Cellarites and thank you.
Soo xx



If a sparrer drinks one gin on the first square of a chessboard, two on the second, four on the third…


I certainly do fight anyone trying to take my gin from me

Especially if I have drunk it


I am wearing Flight Socks, Soo like Pop Sox with compression

I got some Compression Gloves in black too

NHS Flesh Tone is an 'orrible beige

Actually, all beige is 'orrible IMO…

They are black though…



Well, I suppose they don’t get to see too many healthy people…

Reminds me of the old saw: “Anyone who looks like their passport photo is almost certainly too ill to travel”


Unless you skinny-dip when you ginny-dip, dere, there would be Wringings to be had. Personally I prefer me sperrits without squeakwins but desperate times and all that…


OK, on the third read I got that right. A transposed P and X created havoc in what I fondly and nostalgically call my mind.

Beige? You are worried about beige? What about Elastoplast pink? Which I believe is what spare legs and such come in. That or improbable black. I might be going back a few years, mind.


Crucial Comma missing too


The Red Cross were always very particular to mix the right colours at their artificial limb centres . The best plan was always to get the Patient/Recipient to be involved in making their own limb wherever possible

Many couldn’t give a damn about the colour - just to be functioning again is enough. There is a growing demand for tattooed effects though…



Busy weekend of games. Orf out, leaving behind me this hand-crafted brass-bound mahogany



I went to see “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society” film last night. It was very good. Albeit not a shot was filmed on Guernsey, which is a shame as it’s a favourite place of mine.


Not to mention the hand-crafted brass-bound mahogany Fish…


I have some cheese here. Brie. [profferty] [profferty]
You’ll be needing a straw, mind…


“It’s a bit runny…”


I don’t care how …