So, who wants to help ... to take refuge in the Cellar?


By all means send* destructions, dere Chatelaine. Am not greatly invested in the profusion of poppies thing myself, but if poppies are wanted I have reasonably nimble fingers and something finishable, unlike the monstrous Mooncat, which is 25,600 cross stitches big, will be a satisfying thing to do. Since I can’t turn the heel of a sock or other such useful things.
G xxxx

Board email might be more reliable at the moment, Carinthia


Nae worries, dere Chatelaine, I have found the patterns


You Little Tinker !

I will contact you about the wool

The wool shop in the Market Hall has been given quite a boost because of all this



Went for a drive/walk in rural Lancashire yesterday. There’s quite a lot of it & under advertised in my view.

Anyway, I was taken by a gaggle of lambs and their calm curiosity of me.


“Can we get 'im?”
“Nah, that wall’s in the way.”
“We can 'ave that wall.”
"'E’s looking this way, look cute you lot."

Hazy blue-white day here, meant to be a little warmer than the last few. One bold bluetit lurking about outside as I opened the curtains.



Morning all

Bacon butties in usual place

Loaves in oven for a few more minutes


I have lamb, if anyone is interested !



I love Lamb, Armers

I am wondering how the Goatburgers are coming on



Just been having a short nap. Burgerage to begin shortly.




(:goat::hamburger: )×14




And that’s 24 hours after they sent an engineer round to fix the line

Oh - and we have to pay the same as if we were getting 100Mb d/l


I believe BT’s committed data rate is still 9k6.


I ought to go out and vote. And buy cat food. Disinclined to do either. Anyone feel like kicking my backside?


It only encourages them…

I’m sure a certain feline will soon enough


That is very much how I feel about it, joe. Read the leaflet of The Men Who Would Be Mayor and they are talking bollox, all of them. One of them seems very big on "British Values’ while giving no indication whatsoever of what he considers those to be. Git.

I’m in a filthy mood, and I blame them.


eircomn part 2

Just had a look at my mobile bill. That’s with the same provider, I should add. I’m on unlimited calls to ROI/UK. However, there’s an addition for “out of bundle” usage. Trying in vain to think where I might have been calling in the last month that would account for it, I dig a bit deeper and find the culprit:

Other Calls 3.94 19 Apr 21:29 1890260260 00:31:49

Three guesses whose number that is…


No votery here. Orf to That Oxford, having just finished rereading Gaudy Night - is this safe? Probably; I’m only going to see the bus station and Gloucester Green.


See, I was right not to want to go out. Voted/ Went to B&Q for some of the strong drain unblocker, then to the cat food shop and then dropped in at the human food (well, Tesco Express) shop at the top of the road on my way back. Only to be alerted to leakage from my bag and find that the top was off the bottle and the entire contents were swilling around the bottom of my bag. The staff - who are none too bright - didn’t realise the gravity of the situation and I had to do a bit of shouting at them (largely for their own safety). Furious. Written off a very useful shopping bag, I got some of the stuff on my hands without realising and managed to touch my mouth, ditto (Hands fine, slightly odd ‘taste’ in my mouth but I might well be imagining it: have flushed it v thorougly with water, Soo, so don’t fret), have had to wash all the catfood tins, and have been completely unable to be put through to anyone sensible at B&Q. And as the bottle, along with the dead shopping bag, is still up at Tesco, I very much doubt I shall see that £10 again. I shall try again in the morning - maybe the admin staff stop work at 5 on the dot, though the shop itself is open until 9. And no, I can’t face going back now, even if it would be the sensible thing to do.

I now propose to flush my mouth thoroughly wiv Beer. But this time, I shall swallow.