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Very interesting, Fanta.

Were Anna and Max married? I dare say you’re right; I just don’t remember that.

As for Annabew, I remember Matt and Brian’s tongues hanging out, not her doing anything in particular to encourage or exploit that. I really don’t remember her being a prick-teaser. I do remember Matt’s 'C’m ‘ere’ - I think Lilian came into the room at that moment so we never found out what would have happened. Was she leading him on in that scene? If so, I don’t remember it.

Yours, forgetfully …


You mean we’ve had Ambridge’s First Lesbian and nobody noticed? Given the fuss that was being made a few years ago, I’m quite surprised.


They did, but for my money she was not Ambridge’s: she lived in Brum, and stayed with her mother in Ambridge for a few weeks.

The main thrust of the comment about the matter on various bits of the net was contemptuous amusement at the lengths the SWs went to not to say which sex Max was until she actually spoke.


Ah, but what colour was she?


This was not mentioned.


A thread untouched for over a year because (a) I lost it and started another and (b) I have been Doing Things and forgot it existed.

One of the things I am doing is hunting down all the cast-lists from 1951 onwards in the BBC Genome Project; this is long-winded and annoying, because in order to get to them you first have to sort out The Archers from all the other entries in both the Light Programme and the Home Service (and then Radio 4), and then have to find which day the cast was printed on. It gets easier once it is always with the Omnibus on a Sunday… Before that the only way to find it was to open each day until it was there, which sometimes meant five openings for one result, and sometimes, when they didn’t have the cast up at all, ten or even fifteen openings. Then copy and paste, close, go on to the next entry, open it…

However, in the course of this I noticed something a bit charming, in 1962 or so:

Aunt Laura (Archer): Gwenda Wilson

Which isn’t notable unless you know that Laura Archer was née Laura Wilson.

There is also Major Woodfield: Frank Woodfield. (About whom I know nothing: he appeared for about two weeks, I think, and is not the TBoTA.)

It looks as if they did sometimes simply give the actor’s surname to the character.

And who was David Turner? It was an article of faith with me that the series was written by Edward J. Mason and Geoffrey Webb until they stopped doing it because one of them died, but there is David Turner from March 1961 onwards, credited as a writer as well as them. Eeek.

Also, Jennifer Archer was played by Valborg Maitland from August 1960, and that actor doesn’t appear in TBoTA or TAE; the first they have for her is Ysanne Churchman.

It’s more interesting than I had expected.


I do take my 'Normous Nat orff to you, Fishy

Am not keen on my given name, but am really pleased that it isn’t Valborg…:wink: