Someone to watch Ed's back


It was a couple of days ago now that Emma made the comment, but anyone else get the feeling that Ed absolutely needs to watch his own back?


I am quite sure of it. And why would Ed need anyone to watch his back? What enemy does Emma think he might have?


I reckon Tim is after a bit of “stunner” Emma, there was more behind that van than the Lent appeal. Watch out, Ed!


I’m sure Emma would like to think so.


I rather doubt it. He’d started showering the Idiot Ed with largesse well before encountering his shop-soiled shrew of a wife.


If he is out to do Ed down, he might not turn down an additional opportunity once it, er, presents itself.


It’s his motive that is completely opaque.

I am engaged in illegal work of some sort. Who do I want involved in it with me?

Would I get in touch with another person who knows the score, or would I seek out and scrape acquaintance with an rural clodpole who doesn’t want to do anything illegal and has to be blandished and threatened to keep him in line, and who is not committed to the work and has other things he wants to do rather than drive me round the countryside? (Bear in mind that I hold a driving licence.)

I mean, why on earth would anyone do something like this? It’s garbage.

Unless someone has it in for Ed and wants to ruin his life, and is paying Tim a good sum to do it, what is Tim’s motive in all this?


The only thing that makes sense to me is that Tim wants an expendable patsy.


Of course it’s garbage, Fishy




IRTA ‘expandable’…